Killi-data newsletters provide regular general information about oviparous or viviparous Cyprinodontiformes or Killies.

There are also WASSUP, short bulletins proposing editorials and announcing new major publications, with abstract (copyrighted !), analysis and comments, since 2018.

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Please note that some newsletters, from INFOWEB 1 to 10 and previous announcement pages, are today suppressed because their contents are obsolete or have been included in HISTORY of Killi-Data ; however their contents are available as PDF on request to editor, Jean H. Huber, mailbox at the end of this page.




Issue and Date Contents
(May 7. 2024)
African genus Epiplatys fully reviewed with 7 subgenera and no more subspecies
(May 15. 2016)
Aquarium LHT project, a new venture to boost killifish knowledge with dedicated killi-hobbyists
(May 19. 2015)
Aphanius and the new discoveries in Iran, spurred from Germany with a dynamic Iranian team
(November 30. 2014)
The first complete molecular analysis of Nothobranchius reshuffles its phylogeny
(February 3. 2014)
Aphyosemion revised and not split, with 2 new subgenera
(September 15. 2013)
A major symposium focused on the hermaphroditic Killifish Kryptolebias marmoratus
(February 28. 2013)
A major review of Fundulus and allied genera, with a lumping taste
(December 18. 2011)
Rivulus revised and proposed split: contents, analysis, practical conclusions
(November 30. 2010)
Simpsonichthys revised and proposed split: contents, analysis, practical conclusions
(December 27. 2009)
Costa's Catalog of aplocheiloid Killifishes of the World: contents, analysis, practical conclusions
(May 12. 2007)
What is a genus for Killifish ? A discussion based on the molecular results of 3 independent research teams on the issue of the genus Aphyosemion
INFOWEB9 [discontinued]
(December 11. 2005)
Analysis of the systematics and nomenclatural status of Killifish, and their outcome following Ernst Mayr's death.
The issues and stakes in front of the Killifish community. The petition for "still freedom" and an action plan to comply more with ICZN code.
INFOWEB8 [discontinued]
(March 9. 2004)
Announcement of the availability of Google automatic translator over the whole "Guest" section, of a new powerful Search Engine and of the possibility to pay fees, electronically, with "Pay Pal".
The 33 systematic challenges in Killifish research and the development of comparative diagnoses for all Killifish
INFOWEB7 [discontinued]
(November 15. 2003)
Announcements of MAPS in the data base, of POCKET Killi-Data 2004, of CD-roms designed by Aquarists, of a new scientific checklist CLOFFSCA on neotropical Cyprinodonts.
Proposal of a new platform of cooperation among researchers and between researchers and aquarists
INFOWEB6 [discontinued]
(February 21. 2003)
Announcement of the first decision of the scientific Board of Advisors of Killi-Data online, with its detailed reasons. 
Full genome of Rivulus marmoratus [today in Kryptolebias]. Obituary: Professor Robert Rush Miller.
INFOWEB5 [discontinued]
(August 14. 2002)
Announcement of the official availability of Killi-Data online, with its detailed contents.
INFOWEB4 [discontinued]
(December 29. 2001)
News on progress of Killi-Data online. Information on a new international aquarists conservation programme.
INFOWEB3 [discontinued]
(March 9. 2001)
Comparison of names in Wildekamp's and Seegers's two reference series of books with Killi-Data online.
INFOWEB2 [discontinued]
(November 26. 2000)
More explanations on recent taxonomic shifts. Rediscovery of an annual species thought to be extinct and incentive for a conservation program of a threatened non-annual species.
Financial accounts of Killi-data, Rivulus and "Comparison" books, with a donation to Paris MNHN. 
INFOWEB1 [discontinued]
(October 23. 1999)
Announcement of coming publication of Killi-Data 2000.
Information on major systematic shifts.
FAREWELL [discontinued]
(October 20. 1998)
Withdrawal of the official MNHN e-mail. Announcement of the publication of "Comparison of Old World and New Word tropical Cyprinodonts".
WEB96 [discontinued]
(November 20. 1997)
Availability of the book Killi-Data 1996 online within the Paris MNHN website (in French, English, German).
ANNOUNCEMENT96 [discontinued]
(March 26. 1996)
Announcement of publication of Killi-Data 1996, to take place and improve Killi-Data 1994.
KILLI-DATA94 [discontinued]
(July 31. 1994)
Announcement of the first published Killi-Data (1994).
RIVULUS92 [discontinued]
(December 24. 1992)
Announcement of the publication of R.O.R.E.R, the first review of the genus Rivulus, the most widespread Cyprinodont.
HISTORY of Killi-Data
(September 30. 2000, regularly updated)
From the ancestor "Updated List of Cyprinodontidae" in 48 pages to the State-of-the-art 400 pages plus books, started with Killi-Data 1994 and huge present online knwoledgebase.