Pocket Killi-Data is a short handy booklet, published at the beginning of each year with all available information to date for aquarists, for a distributed print only and data for year n-1, up to 2017, and … from November 2017, as a PDF file (to be distributed as a a print or as an electronic file, on demand).

  • 32 or 36 pages or more (with updates and new taxa, over previous editions), for example, 48 pages in the 2017 edition
  • 6 languages, or 7 since 2017, with Japanese added (more is possible on request)
  • pocket format (15 cm x 10.5 cm)
  • designed for aquarists
  • as a reference of current systematics in Killi-Data
  • with today valid names and their good spelling
  • with aquarium population names and their good international spelling (without accents)
  • with country distributions
  • with fully updated data at December 31. of previous (n-1) year, up to early 2017 edition, and since November 2017, on demand, with the update being in line with the request.

Pocket Killi-Data is only available through Killifish Association, national or regional, for an unlimited distribution to their membership as a printed document (only) up to 2017 and as a non-editable PDF subsequently, against a modest fee (20 Euros for each year POCKET KILLI-DATA for all the membership).

POCKET KILLI-DATA 2004 has been published on January 26. 2004.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2005 has been published on January 27. 2005.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2006 has been published on January 21. 2006
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2007 has been published on February 7. 2007.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2008 has been published on April 16. 2008.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2009 has been published on March 9. 2009.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2010 has been published on March 4. 2010.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2011 has been published on April 2. 2011.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2012 has been published on April 29. 2012.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2013 has been published on February 25. 2013.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2014 has been published on February 27. 2014.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2015 has been published on March 16. 2015.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2016 has been published on March 12. 2016.
POCKET KILLI-DATA 2017 has been published on March 9. 2017.
POCKET KILLI-DATA YEAR onwards is published yearly on demand, since November 2017, for Hobbyists' Associations.
(e.g., POCKET KILLI-DATA 2018, has been first published on February 25. 2018)

Below are the first 2 pages of the 2008 edition, as an example…


AVAILABLE LATEST EDITION: Pocket Killi-Data 2024, updated to the dedicated request (for example, if the association's order of POCKET KILLI-DATA is received in March for their annual congress in April, the latest upload of the database to March will be selected).


Through the Killifish Associations or through local-regional groups (LRG) with the hereafter rules to the purchaser ("you", hereafter), acting as the representative of the association or of the local-regional group :

  • The received file by the association or LRG must not be transferred to anybody else.
  • It may only be distributed as a print or as an electronic file as such to your members.
  • You may not change any contents (it is not editable).
  • You must, if sent to members as a PDF, add a message requiring that it is not transferred to any third party and that it is kept for private use only.
  • You may sell it or give it for free to your members, according to your own policy.
  • You are advised, if printed, to send a printed copy also to the author, Dr Jean Huber, by postage mail.


To order Pocket Killi-Data 2024, fill the ORDER form and send fee money through Paypal, with mention of your title and function in the given Killifish Association or local group.





Dr Jean H. HUBER

   Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, 43 rue Cuvier, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France © Huber, 2004-2013


English (01.01.2007):

* Current valid Name, or

* Description Name (Synonym)

* Aquarium Populations (if valid), or

* Current Status (if Genus or Synonym)

* Legends "=": Synonym of / "subgen.": Subgenus / "typus": Type-species / "preoc.": "preoccupied name" / "nudum": unavailable name / "erratum": error

* Distribution (Country local  name), or

* Alternative status with "#"

Français (01.01.2007):

* Nom actuel valide, ou

* Nom de Description (Synonyme)

* Populations d'Aquarium (si valide), ou

* Statut Actuel (si Genre ou Synonyme)

* Légendes "=": Synonyme de / "subgen.": Sous-genre / "typus": Espèce-type / "preoc.": "nom préoccupé" / "nudum": nom nul / "erratum": erreur

* Distribution (nom local du Pays), ou

* Statut Alternatif avec "#"

Deutsch (01.01.2007):

* Heute gültiger Name, oder

* Beschreibung's Name (für Synonym)

* Aquarium Populationen (wenn gültig), oder

* Heutiger Status (für Gattung oder Synonym)

* Erläuterungen "=": Synonym von / "subgen.": Untergattung / "typus": Typusart / "preoc.": "schon anderweitig vergebener Name " / "nudum": ungültiger Name / "erratum": Fehler

* Verbreitung (Lokaler Name der Herkunftsländer), oder

* Alternativer Status mit "#"

Español (01.01.2007):

* Hoy válido Nombre, o

* Descripción Nombre (para sinónimo)

* Población de acuario (si válida), o

* Hoy Status (si Género o sinónimo)

* Leyenda "=": sinónimo de  / "subgen.": subgénero / "typus": especie tipo / "preoc.": " nombre previamente adjudicado " / "nudum": nombre invalidado / "erratum": error

* Distribución (loco nombre del Pais), o

* Differente status con "#"

Português (01.01.2007): 

* Nome válido actual, ou

* Descrição Nome (Sinónimo) 

* Populações de aquário (se válida), ou

* Status actual (se Género ou Sinónimo)

* Legenda. "=": Sinónimo de / "subgen.": Subgénero / "typus": Espécie-tipo / "preoc.": "nome previamente atribuido" / "nudum": nome não disponível / "erratum": erro

* Distribuição (localidade nome País), ou

* Status alternativo com "#"

Italiano (01.01.2007): 

* Nome valido attualmente, o

* Nome di descrizione (sinonimo) 

* Popolazione d'acquario (se valida), o

* Status attuale (se Genere o Sinonimo)

* Legenda. "=": Sinonimo di / "Subgenere.": Subgenere / "Tipo": Specie-tipo / "preoc.": "nome in dubbio" / "nudum": nome non valido / "erratum": errore

* Distribuzione (nome locale del Paese), o

* Status alternativo con "#"





     valid genus; typus: formosus


Adamans  formosus

Bokuma, Mbamou, Nyangwa, Oyo, Tchikapika

Congo; Zaïre


     valid genus; typus: multifasciata


   Adinia multifasciata

     nom. preoc. = xenica


Adinia  xenica

Alligator Point, Galveston, Port Fourchon, Tampa Bay

USA (Gulf Coast)


     valid subgen. Nothobranchius; typus: guentheri

     # = Nothobranchius


     valid subgen. Rivulus; typus: atratus



     valid subgen. Aphanius; typus: splendens

     # = Aphanius


     subgen. = Procatopus; typus: aberrans

     # valid subgen. Procatopus


     subgen. = Aphanius; typus: dispar



     valid genus/subgen.; typus: nanus


   Cyprinodon zacarinii var. airebejensis

     = dispar dispar


   Aphanius chantrei aksaranus

     = anatoliae anatoliae


   Aphanius cypris alexandri

     = mento


Aphanius (Aphanius) almiriensis



   Aphanius chantrei altus

     = anatoliae anatoliae


Aphanius (Anatolichthys) anatoliae anatoliae

Aksiray, Basmaksi, Beysehir Gölü, Cihanbeyli, Dinav, Egridir Gölü, Eschme Kaga, Inevi, Kovada Canal, Pinarbasi, Sultanhani, Yesilova

Turkey (Central)

Aphanius (Tellia) apodus

Ain Mlila, Constantine


Aphanius (Kosswigichthys) asquamatus

Hazer Gölü

Turkey (Eastern)

Aphanius (Tellia) baeticus

Cabezas de San Juan, Lebrija


   Cyprinodon blanfordii

     = persicus

     # = sophiae

   Aphanius cypris boulengeri

     = mento


   Anatolichthys burdurensis

     = sureyanus


   Aphanius burduricus

     = sureyanus


   Poecilia calaritana

     = fasciatus


   Cyprinodon chantrei

     = danfordii

     # valid sp.

   Lebias crystallodon

     = sophiae


   Cyprinodon cyanogaster

     = fasciatus


   Lebias cypris

     = mento


Aphanius (Anatolichthys) danfordii

Ilipunar, Karpuzatan, Soysalli

Turkey (Central)

   Cyprinodon darrorensis

     = dispar dispar


   Cyprinodon desioi

     = fasciatus


Aphanius (Aphanius) dispar dispar

Abaytou, Athlit, Djibouti, Dubaï, El Quartif, Lac Assal, Red Sea, Rudan, Scusciuban, Siwa Oasis

Egypt; Erythrea; Ethiopia; India; Irak; Iran; Israel; Koweit; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; Somalia; Soudan; Yemen

   Cyprinodon doliatus

     = fasciatus




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