Many books have been published solely about Killifish, however these often go out of print very quickly.
Luckily e-librarians such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, E bay (or others, please search online) regularly sell pre-owned (second hand) books allowing the opportunity to find and collect unavailable titles. It should be noted that simply because a big supplier like Amazon does not stock a book at one point in time, it does not mean that its competitors do not at this time and that it cannot be the case some day in the future. Note that if you own Seegers's series of Aqualog (and also Wildekamp's series of a World of Killies), a page is herein dedicated to names UPDATES for those books.


This page, last updated on November 30. 2021, is edited without paid advertising (list is without any order, most books are in English, no purely aquarium book is listed… for a wider selection with older books see FAQ1).



legend The Killi's of the Lost World
Frans J. Vermeulen
| New World Killi's series (in this volume all about the annual and non-annual Killi's of the Guiana Shield and its surrounding plains)
legend Simpsonichthys e Nematolebias
Dalton Nielsen
| Annual killifish related to genus Simpsonichthys with subgenera and Nematolebias (whitei) (in Portuguese language)
legend Killifish Cynopoecilini
Dalton Nielsen
| Annual killifish related to genus Cynopoecilus (Leptolebias, Campellolebias, Notholebias, Mucurilebias)
legend Atlas of Killifishes of Old World
Jorgen J. Scheel
| Scheel's Testament on African Killifish (Aphyosemion, Epiplatys, Nothobranchius, Callopanchax)
legend Killifishes of the world - Old World Killis I (AQUALOG-Reference Books)
Lothar Seegers
| Seegers' pictorial guide on African Killifish (Aphyosemion… )
legend Killifishes of the world - Old World Killis II (AQUALOG-Reference Books)
Lothar Seegers
| Seegers' pictorial guide on African Killifish (Nothobranchius… )
legend Killifishes of the world - New World Killis III (AQUALOG-Reference Books)
Lothar Seegers
| Seegers' pictorial guide on South American oviparous Killifish
legend Pearl Killifishes: The Cynolebiatinae: Systematics and Biogeography of the Neotropical Annual Fish Subfamily (Cyprinodontiformes : Rivulidae)
Wilson J. E. M. Costa
| Costa's reference on annual South American Killifish
legend Review of Rivulus Ecobiogeography - Relationships. The Most Widespread Neotropical Cyprinodont Genus
Jean H. Huber
| Huber's reference on genus Rivulus
legend All Livebearers and Halfbeaks (AQUALOG-Reference Books)
Frank Schäfer, Michael Kempkes
| Schäfer+Kempkes' pictorial guide on American livebearing Killifish (+ a few other non Cyprinodontiformes)
legend Hochlandkärpflinge Goodeidae
Harro Hieronimus
| Hieronimus's full review of all Goodeidae, true viviparous fish (only in German language)
legend Lebendgebärende Zierfische
Manfred K. Meyer
| Meyer's full review of all American viviparous Killifish (only in German language)



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