Remember : while being a member of Killi-Data International, you comply to the following 9 ethical commitments
Because they are so important to the cooperative spirit of Killi-Data
  1. I have forwarded correct and complete information and will update them when necessary
  2. I shall not download any photo or any file from the data base, except for private use
  3. I shall never attempt to download the complete web site
  4. I shall not give my login and password to other individuals or third parties, whoever they are
  5. I shall make every efforts to contribute to Killi-Data by forwarding any missing data or by informing of errors, according to my own capacities
  6. I shall always refer to Killi-Data either printed books or online, when publishing information issued from the database, and quote it as a bibliographic reference
  7. I shall conform to the netiquette in all aspects
  8. I agree with the principles to build a cooperative platform to develop knowledge on oviparous and viviparous Cyprinodonts or Killifishes
  9. I pledge to usually use the same Internet connection line to access to the database
Restricted access to members !






By the way, have you checked your membership status with the date of connection ending (given along with your ID and PW) ?
If passed, please consider the RENEWAL process to K-D-I.