When you quote Killi-Data in publications, printed or electronic, with or without extracted data from Killi-Data, please mention the following:

  • Website database (registered members only)
    * for a given taxon (species or generic name) : Huber, J.H., Killi-Data online ( TAXON and date of latest update (restricted access to members) [e.g., Huber, J.H., Killi-Data online ( Aphyosemion chauchei, date of latest update (restricted access to members)].
    * for a given list or statistic count : Huber, J.H., Killi-Data online ( TITLE IN MENU (selected page in menus) and date of latest update (restricted access to members) [e.g., Huber, J.H., Killi-Data online ( List of species by country, date of latest update (restricted access to members)]
  • Website public (guests) pages (including encyclopedia): Huber, J.H., Killi-Data online ( PAGE TITLE and date of latest update [e.g., Huber, J.H., Killi-Data online ( Key Success Factors in Collecting, date of latest update.
  • Book: Huber, J.H. 2007. Killi-Data 2007. Updated checklist of taxonomic names, collecting localities and bibliographic references of oviparous Cyprinodont fishes (Cyprinodontiformes). [in 6 separate languages : French, English, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Killi-Data Editions, Paris : 410 pp.
  • Book: Huber, J.H. 2006. Killi-Data Catalogue 2006. Killi-Data Editions, Paris [December 10.] : 1028 pp.
  • Pocket Killi-Data 2024:  Huber, J.H. 2024, Killi-Data online ( Killifish Association sponsor (name), (number of pages) pp.


Killi-Data is a cooperative platform:

  • Cooperation is a necessity. The scope of Killi-Data is too big for the author, alone.
  • Various types of contribution for members are detailed in the Website.
  • Any contribution is rewarded by a formal acknowledgement of the name of the contributor.
  • All fees, donations are redistributed to young researchers and to aquarists for their first collecting trip.

Killi-Data aims to widespread knowledge on oviparous and viviparous Cyprinodontiformes or Killies and to stimulate research by cooperation between researchers and scientifically minded hobbyists and Institutions.