KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2023, Gomes, revision Rivulus magdalenae and milesi



Killi-Data Series 2023 [116 pages, as a print, ISBN 978-2-9547546-4-2, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9547546-5-9]

Killi-Data Series 2023, 4-20, 5 figs.

A Contribution to the systematic status of Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) milesi with notes on Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) magdalenae

Vasco M.A.R. Gomes. 

Abstract : distribution areaRivulus (Cynodonichthys) milesi is currently considered a junior synonym of Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) magdalenae. In order to confirm that evaluation, the results of the exploration of surrounding areas of both species type localities are presented. For comparative purposes, several other locations of Rivulus magdalenae were also visited and described herein. Synonymy of Rivulus milesi with Rivulus magdalenae is confirmed based on colour polymorphism and separation from vicariant congeners. Several collecting localities of R. magdalenae are newly disclosed including some at higher elevations and possibly distinct phenotypes (and-or haplotypes), including one in geographically isolated Cauca valley. A taxonomic discussion on Rivulus milesi vs Rivulus azurescens, newly collected within R. milesi range, is proposed. Due to the introduction of alien Poeciliidae sp. the species should be seen as recessive, maybe locally at risk, thus a threat categorization according to IUCN criteria of Rivulus magdalenae is presented and changed as Near Threatened (NT). 3D49A281-101E-49F8-91CD-471402EC4120



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