KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2021, Huber, Rivulus collieri n.sp.



Killi-Data Series 2021 [as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-12-8, as a PDF document, ISBN 979-10-93353-13-5]

Killi-Data Series 2021: 4-11.

A new but since long misidentified species, Rivulus collieri n. sp., from Peruvian Amazon (Cyprinodontiformes, Rivulidae).

Huber, J.H. 

Abstract : Rivulus collieri n. sp., from Amazonian Peru, near town Iquitos, is described following a since-long-known misidentification as Rivulus ornatus Garman, 1895, first published by Mecca (and kept by subsequent authors) following an aquarium trade import with unknown then strongly erroneous origin. The new species is easily diagnosed from its congeners by altogether its smaller size (max. 35 mm T.L.), its very low Dorsal fin ray counts, with a not very low Anal fin ray count, its very high D/A ratio (but Dorsal fin origin, not behind Anal fin ending), its strong dichromatism (with female strongly subdued), its long (but not extremely long) and oval Caudal fin in male. It is very similar and closely related to twin-looking species, Rivulus speciosus Fels & Rham, 1982, but male live color pattern on sides is reversed from speciosus and it is distinctive by karyotype. The status and plausible identification of Rivulus ornatus Garman, 1895 is discussed pending necessary live collection of topotypes.



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