KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2020, Vermeulen, description Rivulus mejiai



Killi-Data Series 2020 [48 pages, as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-10-4, as a PDF document, ISBN 979-10-93353-11-1]

Killi-Data Series 2020, 36-47, 1 figs.

A new species of the aplocheiloid killifish genus Rivulus (s.l.) (Cyprinodontiformes, Rivulidae) from the Unete River, Eastern Colombia.

Vermeulen, F.B.M. 

Abstract: Rivulus mejiai n. spec. is described herein based on material found at the Eastern Cordillera Andes foothills west of the town Aguazul, Casanare dpt., Colombia. Rivulus mejiai n. spec., was found in a small mountain creek, a tributary to the Unete River. The Rio Unete is one of many rivers that have their source on the Eastern slopes of the Eastern Cordillera, flowing southeasterly to join the Rio Meta and, ultimately the Rio Orinoco system. Rivulus mejiai n. spec. is the only fish species thus far collected from the type locality, a steep, cascading stream with crystal-clear water and strewn with boulders. Like other members of the "Rivulus hartii group," the new species is an excellent swimmer. Rivulus mejiai n. spec. differs from congeners by a series of interrupted horizontal red lines on its purple-blue sides; 7 or 8 of these are visible just posterior to the operculum but they gradually merge into only 3 pronounced lines on the caudal peduncle. Anal, dorsal, and caudal fin ray counts are at the high extremes for the group.



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