KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2015, Huber, Yssolebias, Cyprinodon martae, Cubanichthys, Chriopeoides, morphology, diagnosis



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Killi-Data Series 2015 [36 pages, as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-02-9, as a PDF document, ISBN 979-10-93353-03-6]

Killi-Data Series 2015, 4-16, 3 figs., 2 tabs.

A morphological rediagnosis of Yssolebias within cyprinodontoids (Cyprinodontiformes) following the detailed osteological analysis by Costa based on a new radiograph of the single type of Cyprinodon martae Steindachner.

Huber, J.H. 

Abstract: The monotypic genus Yssolebias Huber, 2012 based on the single type of Cyprinodon martae initially placed in aplocheiloids and related to annual vicariant genera is redefined based on morphological characters, to complement Costa’s detailed osteological analysis based on a clear new radiograph of the specimen. The emblematic morphological characters which separated Yssolebias from vicariant rivulins, together with some striking external similarities with Terranatos, now analysed as convergence, appear even more extraordinary when compared to other cyprinodontids. New micromorphological characters are studied and the hypothesis suggested by Costa, as to consider Yssolebias as a probable synonym of Cubanichthys + Chriopeoides, is refuted and a new family-group name, Yssolebiini, is proposed to accommodate the unique morphology of Yssolebias among cyprinodontids.