KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2013, Huber, Phylogeny Aphyosemion



Killi-Data Series 2013 [as a print, ISBN 978-2-9547546-0-4, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9547546-1-1]

Killi-Data Series 2013, 4-20, 2 figs.

Reappraisal of the Phylogeny of the African genus Aphyosemion (Cyprinodontiformes) focused on External Characters, in line with Molecular Data, with new and redefined Subgenera.

Huber, J.H. 

Abstract: The phylogeny of the African genus Aphyosemion (Cyprinodontiformes, Nothobranchiidae) is reappraised based on the single global molecular tree (Collier, 2009). A data matrix of 24 groups comprising all known subgenera and "orphan" species and 91 external characters (body and fins shape, color patterns) is produced that is congruent with the molecular tree. The subgenus Mesoaphyosemion is confirmed as polyphyletic, its definition is restricted and 2 new subgenera are described, Scheelsemion n. subgen. and Iconisemion n. subgen. with the previously assigned species to Mesoaphyosemion being redistributed to the "old" and the new subgenera. The allied genus Episemion is also confirmed as nested within the redefined genus Aphyosemion and is considered as its subgenus only, with its components possibly to be reconsidered once the area, rich of atypical ("orphan") species is fully sampled.



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