KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2012, Huber, Epiplatinae, Epiplateinae



Killi-Data Series 2012 [as a print, ISBN 978-2-9527283-7-9, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9527283-9-3]

Killi-Data Series 2012, 4-8.

Proposal of a replacement family-group name for pre-occupied Epiplateinae Huber.

Huber, J.H. 

Abstract: The issue of the necessary replacement of one family-group name Epiplateinae is acknowledged with the availability of two homonyms, one described by Huber as a corrected name (in fishes) and the other by Steyskal (in insects). Following the I.C.Z.N. code in strict terms the I.C.Z.N. commission should be asked for a ruling but it is thought that Epiplateinae as proposed by Huber as a corrected name and not Epiplateinae Steyskal should be changed. Among the 3 possible options of replacement, Epiplatinae, Epiplatysinae, or Epiplatyinae, all are complying with the code and Epiplatinae, as the initial spelling, is only proposed because it is simpler and more in line with the philosophy of the I.C.Z.N. code and conforms best to an indirect article of the code. The impact is minor because, to the contrary of names at lower levels than family-group names, the name of the describer and the date of description are left unchanged, hence respecting the initial added value of research. For the same reason of no stake of authorship in family-group names, the scientific community dealing with Cyprinodontiformes should reach soon a consensus as to what spelling of their family-group names it uses, notably (but not only) for family-group names stemmed from the generic names derived from Lebias. For example the name derived from Cynolebias must be either (1) the initial but incorrect Cynolebiatinae, or (2) the corrected Cynolebiinae, following strictly the I.C.Z.N. historical and present codes, or (3) the corrected –but subsequent- Cynolebiasinae, following a recent addition to the I.C.Z.N. code, in order to take into account the less and less frequent usage of the Latin or Greek languages.



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