QUICK RENEWAL (individual members, without discounts, via PAYPAL), send fees net of charges as per formula, «1 Euro = 2 months' connection» (e.g., 6 Euros for 1 year, 12 Euros for 2 years, 18 Euros for 3 years… up to a cumulative duration of 96 months since you first started to become a member, at which stage you become a PREMIUM member and get permanent access) to



Important note : this page is designed for members to renew their membership to K-D-I non-profit association… if you want to become a new member, please fill the REGISTRATION FORM 


RENEWAL of active membership to K-D-I is an easy process. You may decide so because your active membership and access to the data base has been automatically ended and your access is blocked (not to worry, computer programmes are stubborn… next time, do not forget the information date of last connection, the time credit corresponding to your fees, given along your ID and PW).

Yes, K-D-I did not contact you ahead because it would be a heavy administrative task to contact members before their connection time is ended… and K-D-I prefer to concentrate on the updating of the database and to killiflash (remember K-D-I is not chasing you, the project is not commercial, since all fees and revenues are distributed in grants to young researchers and aquarists collectors). Sorry.

You may decide also to renew before that ending date because you want to show your appreciation to Killi-Data International association.

Obviously, if you do not renew, you remain a good member of the K-D-I association.
Due to the official constitution of K-D-I you will be contacted from time to time as a non active member for information on the life of the association, but not for votes with regards to the AGM.
Any time you may become again an active member and access to the data base and the Killiflash or get freely the PDF books of the association named Killi-Data Series by sending a fee, with Paypal or by standard postage (only bank notes), as shown below.

Now there are several options to proceed further:

  • I want to stay an individual member, then please send money as below : the new time connection will be computed after Paypal charges, 2 months for 1 Euro (etc.), for example, 1 year for 6 Euros, 2 years for 12 Euros, 3 years for 18 Euros… up to a cumulative duration of 96 months (8 years) since you first started to become a member, at which stage you become a PREMIUM member and get permanent access.
  • I want to stay a member within my constituted group, then please contact your group leader on decisions to make.
  • I want to enroll as a member within an already constituted group, then please contact their group leader on decisions to make (you will get the same discount as the whole group).
  • I want to constitute a new group of members as a member (with some of my killifish friends who are not yet K-D-I members, for any reasons, same country, same specialization, same killifish association, etc.) and get discounts.
  • in details for groups, the admission fee (life membership) is the same at 10 Euros per person (not for you as already a member, for all new members, with REGISTRATION, obviously)… and for the whole group (including you) the active membership for a 12 months' period (or pro-rata) is discounted per individual member at 5 Euros per person (if 5 persons registering at the same time), at 4 Euros per person (if 10 persons registering at the same time), at 3 Euros per person (if 15 persons registering at the same time), at 2 Euros per person (if 25 persons registering at the same time), at 1.5 Euro per person (if 40 persons registering at the same time), at 1 Euro per person (if 70 persons registering at the same time).
    The system is also flexible since once a group is formed new members can join the group and according to the date and the fees they send it can benefit to the whole group too (i.e., extension of the connection time).


FEES. If you are ready to pay fees (only Euro), then 2 options, only (sorry, no Credit Card payments are allowed to individuals in France) :

  • send money electronically to the editor directly via PAYPAL, click on button 'send money online', then select country for 'I'm paying someone in' (France), then select currency (Euro), then select option 'Friends and Family', (next step) 'to' [ Email address ] by using the hereafter crypted electronic address (no-reply) in the Paypal website :
  • wrap bank notes with black paper, insert them in an envelope and send it to the present editor in a registered envelope at the postal address, Jean H. Huber, 7 Bd Flandrin, 75116 Paris, France by postal mail (ideally registered… if not, at your own risks).



Following receipt of your net payment, an e-mail will be sent to you with the new ending date of connection and you will be able to visit the database with the same ID/PW (important, do not loose them, otherwise you will have to start the registration process from scratch again).


For accountancy reason, if you need to contact K-D-I again on this (or any) matter please do NOT use the above e-mail address, but the contact address at the end of this page.
K-D-I, Killi-Data International, is a non-profit legal cooperative association that now nests all assets previously in Killi-Data.