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Hereafter is the list of genera or subgenera with the global conservation status of their components.

The list is in a table with 3 columns:

  1. Current generic name of taxon (if genus with subgenera, the conservation data of the nominotypical subgenus are given)
  2. Current subgeneric name of taxon (if subgenera, the conservation data of the subgenus are given)
  3. Conservation Status (in line with definitions of CITES, a website with poor updating but with overall coverage of fishes).
    Aquarists are strongly advised to participate to breeding conservation programmes as exemplified in LINKS.


The following list of valid names has been updated on February, 4. 2017.


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in Killi-Data
Aapticheilichthys Huber, 2011   unknown.
  Acantholebias (subgen. Austrolebias) Costa, 2008 locally endangered.
  Acrolebias (subgen. Austrolebias) Costa, 2008 locally endangered.
Adinia Girard, 1859 locally endangered.
  Adiniops (subgen. Nothobranchius) Myers, 1924 locally endangered.
  Anablepsoides (subgen. Rivulus) Huber, 1992 unknown.
  Anatolichthys (subgen. Aphanius) Kosswig & Sözer, 1945 globally endangered.
Aphanius Nardo, 1827 Aphanius s.s. Nardo, 1827 locally endangered and, for some species, highly threatened of extinction (or even extinct).
  Aphyobranchius (subgen. Nothobranchius) Wildekamp, 1977 widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
Aphyolebias Costa, 1998   widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
Aphyoplatys Clausen, 1967   widespread.
Aphyosemion Myers, 1924 Aphyosemion s.s. Myers, 1924 widespread.
Aplocheilichthys Bleeker, 1863   widespread.
Aplocheilus McClelland, 1839   widespread (locally endangered by pollution and introduced Poeciliidae competition).
Archiaphyosemion Radda, 1977 Archiaphyosemion s.s. Radda, 1977 locally endangered.
  Argolebias (subgen. Austrolebias) Costa, 2008 locally endangered.
  Atlantirivulus (subgen. Rivulus) Costa, 2008 locally endangered.
Austrofundulus Myers, 1932   locally endangered.
Austrolebias Costa, 1998 Austrolebias s.s. Costa, 1998 locally endangered (and in places, near urbanization, strongly endangered).
  Bathylebias (subgen. Cynolebias) Costa, 2008 unknown.
  Benirivulus (subgen. Rivulus) Costa, 2006 widespread.
Callopanchax Myers, 1933   locally endangered.
Campellolebias Vaz-Ferreira & Sierra, 1974   globally endangered, due to their natural habitat close to industrialization (in strong need of protection).
Chriopeoides Fowler, 1939   locally endangered.
  Chromaphyosemion (subgen. Aphyosemion) Radda, 1971 widespread.
  Congopanchax (subgen. Poropanchax) Poll, 1971 unknown.
Crenichthys Hubbs, 1932   protected (globally endangered; threatened by introduced Poeciliidae and predators).
Cualac Miller, 1956   globally endangered.
Cubanichthys Hubbs, 1926   widespread.
  Cynodonichthys (subgen. Rivulus) Meek, 1904 locally endangered.
Cynolebias Steindachner, 1876 Cynolebias s.s. Steindachner, 1876 locally endangered.
  Cynopanchax (subgen. Lacustricola) Ahl, 1928 widespread.
Cynopoecilus Regan, 1912 locally endangered.
  Cypholebias (subgen. Austrolebias) Costa, 2008 locally endangered.
Cyprinodon Lacepède, 1803   variable according to species, but usually endangered and sometimes protected (main threats in plateau species concern habitat pumping by man and introduced viviparous Cyprinodontiformes) ; at least 4 species are extinct in the wild.
  Diapteron (subgen. Aphyosemion) Huber & Seegers, 1977 widespread.
Empetrichthys Gilbert, 1893   globally endangered and protected (most collecting places have been distroyed by water pumping or fish have been phased out by introduced carps and bullfrogs).
Epiplatys Gill, 1862 Epiplatys s.s. Gill, 1862 widespread.
Episemion Radda & Pürzl, 1987   widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
Fenerbahce Özdikmen, Polat, Yylmaz & Yazycyodlu, 2006 widespread.
Floridichthys Hubbs, 1926   locally endangered.
Fluviphylax Whitley, 1965   widespread.
Foerschichthys Scheel & Romand, 1981 widespread (maybe locally endangered).
  Fontinus (subgen. Fundulus) Jordan & Evermann, 1896 widespread (maybe locally endangered).
Fundulopanchax Myers, 1924 Fundulopanchax s.s. Myers, 1924 locally endangered.
Fundulosoma Ahl, 1924   locally endangered.
Fundulus Lacepède, 1803 Fundulus s.s. Lacepède, 1803 locally endangered; one species extinct, few species, globally endangered.
Garmanella Hubbs, 1936   locally endangered.
Gnatholebias Costa, 1998   widespread.
  Gularopanchax (subgen. Fundulopanchax) Radda, 1977 locally endangered.
  Gymnolebias (subgen. Austrolebias) Costa, 2008 locally endangered.
Hylopanchax Poll & Lambert, 1965   widespread.
  Hypsolebias (subgen. Simpsonichthys) Costa, 2006 locally endangered (sometimes globally endangered).
Hypsopanchax Myers, 1924   widespread.
  Iconisemion (subgen. Aphyosemion) Huber, 2013 widespread.
Jordanella Goode & Bean in Goode, 1879   widespread.
  Kathetys (subgen. Aphyosemion) Huber, 1977 widespread.
  Kosswigichthys (genus) Sözer, 1942 globally endangered.
Kryptolebias Costa, 2004   locally endangered.
Laciris Huber, 1981 globally endangered (maybe extinct).
Lacustricola Myers, 1924 Lacustricola s.s. Myers, 1924 widespread.
  Laimosemion (subgen. Rivulus) Huber, 1999 widespread.
Lamprichthys Regan, 1911   locally endangered (extensive fisheries ; artificially planted in another lake).
Leptolebias Myers, 1952   globally endangered, due to natural habitat being close to industrialization ; in need of strong protection (if not, too late).
Leptopanchax Costa, 2014   globally endangered, due to natural habitat being close to industrialization ; in need of strong protection (if not, too late).
Leptolucania Myers, 1924   locally endangered.
Llanolebias Llanolebias Hrbek & Taphorn, 2008   widespread.
Lucania Girard, 1859   widespread, but one species, globally endangered.
  Lycocyprinus (subgen. Epiplatys) Peters, 1868 locally endangered.
Maratecoara Costa, 1995   widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
  Megalebias (subgen. Austrolebias) Costa, 1998 locally endangered.
Megupsilon Miller & Walters, 1972   extinct (in the wild, but with laboratory conservation), phased out by the introduced Large Mouth Bass for angling and threatened by the drying out of its habitat by illegal pumping for agricultural purposes (Contreras & Lozano, 1996).
  Melanorivulus (subgen. Rivulus) Costa, 2006 widespread (sometimes locally endangered).
  Mesoaphyosemion (subgen. Aphyosemion) Radda, 1977 widespread.
Micromoema Costa, 1998   widespread.
Micropanchax Myers, 1924   widespread.
Millerichthys Costa, 1995   globally endangered (in need of protection).
Moema Costa, 1989   widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
Mucurilebias Costa, 2014   maybe extinct (never recollected since 1988).
Nematolebias Costa, 1998   globally endangered (by industrialisation); in need of formal protection.
Neofundulus Myers, 1924   widespread, with one species probably extinct.
  Nimbapanchax (subgen. Archiaphyosemion) Sonnenberg & Busch, 2009 widespread.
Nothobranchius Peters, 1868 Nothobranchius s.s. Peters, 1868 widespread (locally endangered for some Northern species).
Notholebias Costa, 2008   globally endangered (in strong need of protection, if not too late).
  Oditichthys (subgen. Rivulus) Huber, 1999 widespread.
  Ophthalmolebias (subgen. Simpsonichthys) Costa, 2006 globally endangered.
Orestias Valenciennes, 1839   locally endangered, sometimes extinct.
  Owiyeye (subgen. Rivulus) Costa, 2006 widespread.
Oxyzygonectes Fowler, 1916 widespread (but will be endangered when pollution increases).
Pachypanchax Myers, 1933 locally endangered (sometimes, threatened).
  Paludopanchax (subgen. Fundulopanchax) Radda, 1977 locally endangered.
Pantanodon Myers, 1955 locally endangered, sometimes globally endangered.
Papiliolebias Costa, 1998 widespread.
  Paranothobranchius Seegers, 1985 widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
  Paraphyosemion (subgen. Fundulopanchax) Radda, 1977 widespread.
  Parepiplatys (subgen. Epiplatys) Clausen, 1967 widespread.
  Pauciradius (subgen. Fundulopanchax) Wildekamp & Zee, 2005 widespread (sometimes, locally endangered).
Pituna Costa, 1989 widespread.
  Plancterus (subgen. Fundulus) Garman, 1895 widespread (sometimes, locally endangered).
Plataplochilus Ahl, 1928 widespread.
Platypanchax Ahl, 1928 widespread.
Plesiolebias Costa, 1990   widespread (but apparently rare).
Poropanchax Clausen, 1967 Poropanchax s.s. Clausen, 1967 widespread (but some species may be endangered, due to their range in industrialized coastal fringes).
Procatopus Boulenger, 1904 widespread.
Profundulus Hubbs, 1924 Profundulus s.s. Hubbs, 1924 locally endangered.
Pronothobranchius Radda, 1969 widespread (but threatened by desertic progression).
Prorivulus Costa, 2004 unknown.
Pseudepiplatys Clausen, 1967 locally endangered (due to pollution and urbanization).
Pterolebias Garman, 1895 widespread.
Rachovia Myers, 1927 widespread.
  Raddaella (subgen. Aphyosemion) Huber, 1977 widespread, but globally recessive (spotted distribution).
Renova Thomerson & Taphorn, 1995 unknown.
Rhexipanchax Huber, 1999 widespread.
Rivulus Poey, 1860 Rivulus s.s. Poey, 1860 widespread, with few exceptions.
  Scheelsemion (subgen. Aphyosemion) Huber, 2013 widespread.
Scriptaphyosemion Radda & Pürzl, 1987 widespread (locally endangered for some species, due to industrialization).
Simpsonichthys Carvalho, 1959 Simpsonichthys s.s. Carvalho, 1959 locally endangered (sometimes threatened and in need of protection).
  Spectrolebias (subgen. Simpsonichthys) Costa & Nielsen, 1997 widespread.
Stenolebias Costa, 1995 locally endangered.
  Tellia (subgen. Aphanius) Gervais, 1853 globally endangered (sometimes at risk of extinction).
Terranatos Taphorn & Thomerson, 1978 widespread.
  Tlaloc (subgen. Profundulus) Alvarez & Carranza, 1951 locally endangered.
Tomeurus Eigenmann, 1909 widespread.
Trigonectes Myers, 1925 widespread.
Valencia Myers, 1928 protected (but still at risk of extinction).
  Vomerivulus (subgen. Rivulus) Fowler, 1944 locally endangered.
  Wileyichthys (subgen. Fundulus) Ghedotti & Davis, 2013 widespread.
  Xenisma (subgen. Fundulus) Jordan in Jordan & Copeland, 1877 locally endangered.
  Xenurolebias (subgen. Simpsonichthys) Costa, 2006 globally endangered.
Yssolebias Huber, 2012 globally endangered (maybe already extinct).
  Zononothobranchius (subgen. Nothobranchius) Radda, 1969 locally endangered.
  Zygonectes (subgen. Fundulus) Agassiz, 1854 widespread.