To become a member of at least one Killifish Association is a MUST


Hereafter is the currently available list of Killifish Associations, worldwide, with, when known and as provided by each concerned association :

  • name and initials;
  • date of foundation;
  • title of magazine and its periodicity per year;
  • annual subscription fee for, if variable, citizen and foreign members;
  • website, if any;

Please note that websites are nowadays less attractive than Facebook or Twitter, then if a link is herein broken or pages look old, please try and search with Facebook or Twitter and name of the concerned association.

Last update: August 29. 2019

A.I.K. Associazione Italiana Killifish 1992 Notizie Killi, 6 p.a. 30 Euros (33 Euros, Europe, 35 Euros Int'l)
A.K.A. American Killifish Association 1961 J.A.K.A. - K.N., 4 p.a. 45 $US (29 $US for US citizens)
A.K.F.B. Association Killiphile Francophone de Belgique 1977 Killi Contact, 6 p.a. 27 Euros (25 Euros for foreigners)
A.P.K. Associaçaõ Portuguesa de Killifilia 1998 Boletim A.P.K., 6 p.a. 25 Euros
B.K.A. British Killifish Association 1965 Killi News, 6 p.a. £10 (online pdf), £20 (UK), £27 (Europe), £37 (Other)
B.K.V. Belgische Killifish Vereniging 1972 Killi Kontakt, 6 p.a. 30 Euros
C.K.A. Canadian Killifish Association C.K.A. newsletter, 6 p.a. 15 $C [today inactive]
C.K.O. Chinese Killifish Organisation 2006 Internet Forum Free [today inactive]
C.Z.K.A. Czech Killifish Association 2004 none, yet 20 €
D.K.G. Deutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft 1969 DKG Journal, 6 p.a. 40 Euros (+ 5 Euros, on first subscription)
E.A.K.C. East Asia Killifish Club 19XX Killi News, 10 p.a. £20 (UK), £27 (Europe), £37 (Overseas)
K.A.B. Killi Association Bulgaria 2003 Killi Bulletines, 4 p.a. 20 Euros
K.C.A. Killi Club Argentino 2002 Boletín del Killi Club Argentino, BIBKCA, 18 editions since 2001 and 3 special editions 70 Arg$ (local), 25 US$ or 20 Euros (Int'l)
U.B.K. União Brasileira de Killifilia and FB
K.C.F. Killi Club de France 1973 Killi Revue, 2 p.a. 30 Euros (+ 3 Euros, on first subscription)
K.F.N. Killi Fish Nederland 1972 Killi Nieuws, 6 p.a. 25 Euros or 30 Euros (Int'l)
K.C.J. Killifish Club of Japan 2003 J.- K.C.J., 12 p.a. 3000 Yen
N.A.K.A. National Australian Killifish Association 1997 N.A.K.A.-J., 4 p.a. 20 Aus$-35 Aus$ [today inactive] or
N.Z.K.A. New Zealand Killifish Association N.Z.K.A. Journ., 6 p.a. [today inactive]
P.K.K. Polski Klub Karpiencowatych 2002     none, yet newsgroup:
S.A.K.S. South African Killifish Society 2001 Newsletter, 6 p.a.
S.E.K. Sociedad Española de Killis 1985 B.I.S.E.K., 6 p.a., MIK (12 p.a.) 35 Euros
S.K.S. Skandinavisk Killi Selskab (Sällskapet) 1974 Killi Bladet, 4 p.a. 35 Euros

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