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(March 26. 1996)
Service Announcement of publication of Killi-Data 1996, to take place and improve Killi-Data 1994.
  AQUARISTS' QUESTIONS Service Possible answers of recurrent aquaristic questions for beginners aquarists
  ASSOCIATIONS Service Find out how to become a member of the worldwide Killifish Associations
legend INITIAL AUTHOR Legal and privacy Information about the initial author of Killi-Data online and his list of publications
Service Contents of printed book and how to order it to Killifish Associations
  FISH COLLECTION Service Collection of Killies: general advices
  COLLECTION KSF Service Collection of Killies: key success factors, before, during and after the trip
legend COLLECTION PERIODS Service When to go collecting by tropical country
  COMPARISON Service Detailed comparison between online and printed book 
  CONTACT Form Contact directly the editor for all types of issues
  CONTRIBUTE Form To forward comments, corrections, additions, collecting localities, names of first breeders, of discoverers, breeding data, color pics, etc.
  CONTRIBUTORS Service List all major contributors to Killi-Data, book or online
legend COOPERATION Service Requests and offers, in line with Killi-Data objectives to build up a platform (e.g., offer partnership if you organise a collecting trip to find co-collector)
  COPYRIGHTS Legal and privacy Copyright conditions to use Killi-Data online and to quote it in publications
legend DATA BASE Service (members, only) The Data Base for each killifish taxon with color photos and all available information, plus Killiflash and various other lists
  DOSSIER Service Dossier for Grants and Priority targets for collections for the first collecting trip of an aquarist
  ETHICS Service Proposed code of ethics for Killi-hobbyists
legend FAMILY-GROUP NAMES Service The current pyramidal list of genera and subgenera of Killifish within their attributed family, subfamily, tribe or subtribe
legend FAQ's Service Scientific questions from aquarists and answers by experts
(October 20. 1998)
Service Withdrawal of the official MNHN e-mail. Announcement of the publication of "Comparison of Old World and New Word tropical Cyprinodonts".
legend FINANCIAL STATUS Legal and privacy Financial accounts of Killi-Data online, with scheme of profits redistribution (see also dossier for grants)
  GLOSSARY Service Simple, accurate glossary of scientific terms
  HISTORY Service From the ancestor "Updated List of Cyprinodontidae" in 48 pages (1983) to the State-of-the-art 400 pages plus books, started with Killi-Data 1994
  HONORS Service List of renown scientists and aquarists, as historical major researchers on Killifishes in the past
legend INFOWEB19
(May 15. 2016)
Service Aquarium LHT project, a new venture to boost killifish knowledge with dedicated killi-hobbyists
legend INFOWEB18
(May 19. 2015)
Service Aphanius and the new discoveries in Iran, spurred from Germany with a dynamic Iranian team
legend INFOWEB17
(November 30. 2014)
Service The first complete molecular analysis of Nothobranchius reshuffles its phylogeny
legend INFOWEB16
(February 3. 2014)
Service Aphyosemion revised and not split, with 2 new subgenera
legend INFOWEB15
(September 15. 2013)
Service A major symposium focused on the hermaphroditic Killifish Kryptolebias marmoratus
legend INFOWEB14
(February 28. 2013)
Service A major review of Fundulus and allied genera, with a lumping taste
legend INFOWEB13
(December 18. 2011)
Service Rivulus revised and proposed split
legend INFOWEB12
(November 30. 2010)
Service Simpsonichthys revised and proposed split
legend INFOWEB11
(December 27. 2009)
Service Costa's Catalog of aplocheiloid Killifishes of the World
(May 12. 2007)
Service What is a genus for Killifish? A discussion based on the molecular results of 3 independent research teams on the issue of the genus Aphyosemion
(December 11. 2005)
Service Analysis of the systematics and nomenclatural status of Killifish, and their outcome following Ernst Mayr's death.
The issues and stakes in front of the Killifish community. The petition for "still freedom" and an action plan to comply more with ICZN code.
(March 9. 2004)
Service Announcement of the availability of Google automatic translator over the whole "Guest" section, of a new powerful Search Engine and of the possibility to pay fees, electronically, with "Pay Pal".
(November 15. 2003)
Service Announcements of MAPS in the data base, of first POCKET Killi-Data (2004), of CD-roms designed by Aquarists, of a new scientific checklist CLOFFSCA on neotropical Cyprinodonts.
Proposal of a new platform of cooperation among researchers and between researchers and aquarists : current works of researchers
(February 21. 2003)
Service Announcement of the first decision of the Board of Advisors of Killi-Data online, with its detailed reasons. 
Full genome of Rivulus marmoratus. Obituary: Professor Robert Rush Miller.
(August 14. 2002)
Service Announcement of the official availability of Killi-Data online, with its detailed contents.
(December 29. 2001)
Service News on progress of Killi-Data online. Information on a new international aquarists conservation programme.
(March 9. 2001)
Service Comparison of names in Wildekamp's and Seegers's two reference series of books with Killi-Data online.
(November 26. 2000)
Service More explanations on recent taxonomic shifts. Rediscovery of an annual species thought to be extinct and incentive for a conservation program of a threatened non-annual species. 
Financial accounts of Killi-data, Rivulus and "Comparison" books, with a donation to Paris MNHN. 
(October 23. 1999)
Service Announcement of coming publication of Killi-Data 2000.
Information on major systematic shifts.
  INSTITUTIONS Service List of institutions, with their website, that currently hold killifish collections
legend K-D-I 2012
(May 24. 2012)
Service Killi-Data International, a non-profit organisation, officially established
  KILLIES' BEAUTIES Service Introduction to Killifish beauties for beginners aquarists
  KILLIES' BEHAVIOR Service Introduction to Killifish behavior for beginners aquarists
  KILLIES' BOOKS Service Introduction to Killifish books for beginners aquarists
  KILLIES' INTRO Service Introduction to Killifish knowledge for beginners aquarists
  KILLIES' ISSUES Service Questions and answers from beginners aquarists about the website (contents, technicalities, mission)
(July 31. 1994)
Service Announcement of the first published Killi-Data (1994).
legend KILLIFLASH Service (members, only) Menu page with key words per year to describe the service regarding new important publications with full reference, abstract and the community comments
  LINKS Service All killifish-related websites of interest
legend LIST NAMES / POPULATIONS Service (associations and local groups, only) List of valid species names and aquarium populations, with their good spelling, available each year in 6 languages as a 32-36 pages booklet, titled "Pocket Killi-Data"
legend LIST VS. THE CONSERVATION STATUS Service List of valid (sub)generic names with their conservation status
legend NAME CHANGES Information List of all new name changes since availability of Killi-Data online (January 1. 2001) for aquarists
legend BOOKS CHANGES Information List of current valid names in Killi-Data for those used in 2 major books : Seegers's pictorial "Killi-aqualog" and in Wildekamp's "A World of Killies" to update your books)
legend NAMES VS. USED Service All names of Killish ever used in the last 50+ years, with their present corresponding correct name.
legend NEW NAMES Information List of all new taxa since availability of the first book, Killi-Data 1994, with bibliographic reference
  NEWSLETTER Information List of past "INFOWEB" newsletters of information regarding new important subjects currently discussed
legend ONLINE-PUBLICATIONS Service Currently online available publications by the initial author
  ORDER Form How to order the latest version of the printed book Killi-Data through Killifish Associations or the author, and other Killi-Data editions
  OPTIMIZATION Legal and privacy Copyrights, ethics, privacy rules, credits for assistance, and disclaimers of the website, plus technical requirements to better view the website
  PRIVACY Legal and privacy How Killi-Data respects privacy of its guest visitors and its members
  SCIENTIFIC QUESTION Form To ask a scientific question and get a free personal answer from an expert (published in FAQ)
  QUIZ Service Results to the games, randomly placed throughout the website (English version only)
  REGISTRATION Form To become a member and access to the data base (fees)
legend RESEARCHERS Service List of current researchers on Killifish items, with their current and future subject(s) of research and proposals of cooperation
(December 24. 1992)
Service Announcement of the publication of R.O.R.E.R, the first review of the genus Rivulus, the most widespread Cyprinodont.
  SAMPLE Data Base A standard example of the contents of the Data Base (Aphyosemion chauchei)
legend SEARCH ENGINE Service A powerful search engine provided by Google
  TECHNICALITIES Legal and privacy How to set your computer to optimize the benefits of Killi-Data online
(November 20. 1997)
Service Availability of the book Killi-Data 1996 online within the Paris MNHN website (in French, English, German).