Molecular platform of cooperation for a better knowledge on killifish

Important note : the hereafter molecular platform of cooperation between researchers and aquarists/collectors is a satellite project of Killi-Data, i.e., not managed by Killi-Data editor, but obviously fully supported by him… it aims to improve molecular knowledge on Killifish by providing specimens donated by aquarists/collectors to interested researchers as sampled tissues and it is independently managed by dedicated expert aquarists Tyrone Genade, Andy Patel, Frans Vermeulen.


By nature, the following table of available-for-researchers molecular studied killifish species is regularly updated and is freely available on the website.

This sortable table is organized in 5 columns, (1) a code number to refer for any correspondence, (2) genus or subgenus or species-group names, according to project managers in order to better position the concerned species, (3) the full name as valid in Killi-Data (genus, species, aquarium population), in order to be 100% coherent within this website (4) the donor's name, (5) the state of preservation of specimen(s).

For all enquiries, either by aquarists/collectors on how to donate specimens, or by interested researchers to obtain herein listed species with tissue samples for molecular research, please contact , , .


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How to prepare samples

List of species in the MOL-KILLI-BANK



MOL-KILLI-BANK, a new bank of specimens available equally to all researchers and offered by aquarists and collectors to Killi-Data

legendThe following MOL-KILLI-BANK have been designed as a new project that is implying stronger and more proactive cooperation between molecular scientists and collecting or sampling aquarists… if you, as a researcher, are needing specific material or if you as an aquarist can be providing specific material, and if you are interested to go further, do not hesitate to contact K-D-I with your offer (direct contacts to MOL-KILLI-BANK, are given above).
From the demand side (molecularist researchers), the list of needs should be well precised, stating the genus and the species, and if necessary the population ; from the offer side (aquarists and collectors) : you must be 100% (not 99%) sure of the identification of your material (obviously not to fool the research) and if you do the job in the field why not do the duty for all your collecting spots (notably with fully adult specimens that you will not try to keep alive during your journey because you would prefer subadults for your aquariums back home) ; sending should not take place when temperatures are too high… shipping in a parcel/styrofoambox to prevent breaking the tubes during transport… problems may be anticipated with customs or transport company when too much volumes of ethanol is used… what alcohol ? best would be 100% (pure) absolute ethanol (ethyl alcohol) as the best choice (if free of water, the DNA will remain stable for years) ; beware pure ethanol is avid of water (close the bottle immediately) and is highly flammable (watch that flame !) ; do not use denatured ethanol (even if it is cheaper), use only ethanol for molecular biology (you can buy it easily on the Internet with the key words 'Molecular Biology Grade pure ethanol') ; the ethanol dries out the tissue of the fish which also makes it fragile, so some care must be taken in storage (the fish must fit in a narrow tube or vial in which it can't rattle about in and break) ; please note that ethanol preserved genetic material does not remain valid for research study for long (a few weeks to a few months), unless 100% (pure) ethanol is used (then it will be valid for at least 5 years) ; obviously you may send live fish with a very small amount of water in a plastic bag (the same way you proceed with fish and aquarists pals -exchange or sell-, but, unless you have an over-sensitive mood, it is better to send 100% fixed ethanol specimens ; from the offer side (collectors and aquarists), through the collaborative way, i.e. sending your specimens to the official platform, as below, there are 2 methods, first (preferred) the whole fish (then dead), second, fin clips only (then the fish stays alive, but you need to operate at least 6 specimens because the MOL-KILLI-BANK platform is designed to fulfil various researchers' requests with distinct research techniques, not only one)…



How to prepare samples

First method (whole dead fish) : 1 specimen is the minimum, 2 or more specimens are best, preferably of male sex (for identification check), old or young, no problem… sampling of old individuals is the best choice (fish will die anyway within a small period of time, but you'll have to do some surgery, while sampling of sexed juveniles or semi-adult specimens are easier to handle (less ethanol… and no surgery)… specimens of the same sample are placed in a single bluecaps vial or tube (see first picture, herein upwards) or equivalent (better use a quality brand, not the cheap ones that leak with alcohol) OR in tiny plastic bags like Russian dolls (see alternative, below), with a label for the species name and population details and possibly code, all written on white paper with a pencil, not a marker ; bluecaps vials for specimens (whole fish) would be 10 to 15 ml depending on size and number of specimens (adjust the vial size to a minimum in order to spare ethanol charges, e.g., in 10 ml tubes with fish, about 3 ml of 100% ethanol is needed for sending).
How to proceed in a few steps ?
  1. Contact one of the 3 managers of the project (see mail-addresses, above), with your proposed list of species-populations, to fix how to best proceed and get answers to your possible questions
  2. Kill the fish : immersing the fish in ice-water will kill it very fast (no need to buy anaesthetic product such as MS-222)
  3. Ideally, photograph the killed adult male with your smartphone or equivalent (see picture), or if sexed juveniles or semi-adult specimens, a male parent, still living in your aquarium
  4. Slit the belly of the fish open or simply cut its head off to expose the internal tissues (not needed if sexed juveniles or semi-adult specimens)
  5. Place the fish in a 'large' volume of 'Molecular Biology Grade' 100% ethanol (free of denaturing agents) over night at 4°C (freezer temperature of refrigerator) : this step serves to dehydrate the fish’s tissues and in so doing preserving the DNA (notes : if the volume of ethanol is too small water will remain in the tissue and degrade the DNA ; also, if an ethanol is used that contains denaturing agents, used to make the ethanol undrinkable, the denaturing agents will degrade the DNA and make it difficult to obtain useful DNA from the tissue ; if you do not know where to buy that special ethanol, ask first your chemist/pharmacist or search the web with key words 'Molecular Biology Grade' 100% ethanol)
  6. Remove the sample to a test tube with a small volume of ethanol (since the 100% ethanol has dehydrated the tissue it doesn't need to be kept in a large volume of ethanol, just enough is needed to prevent the ethanol in the fish from evaporating
  7. Alternatively, in case you want to limit costs of preparation and delivery and you do not want to buy vials, take out 1 or 2 fishes that were stored in ethanol and roll them in a piece of towel soaked in ethanol, then put them in a plastic bag that is just big enough to hold the fish and seal it with a sealer ; then put the sealed sample in a somewhat bigger bag and enclose data from the sample in it… and seal it again ; and alike for each sample, then take a bigger bag and put all the samples in that bag and seal this again… and put the big bag in a bubble envelope (less ethanol and less postage costs)
  8. Post the sample to given postal address or simply store it in a freezer (parafilm can be used to seal the tube)



legendSecond method (fin clips) : there are pros and cons… fin clips are as good (for research) and require 1.5 ml vials (not more) but one fin clip is one study and then another fin clip will be required for any further study (a whole fish can be sent out to many labs bit by bit) ; the method is the same as above for steps 1, 6, 8, 9, bearing in mind you need to operate at least 6 specimens ; here it is fully explained in a video of YOUTUBE (by Ryan Earley).



The following list of specimens in MOL-KILLI-BANK, managed by Tyrone Genade, Andy Patel, Frans Vermeulen, has been updated on October 31. 2018, with about 160 species/populations.



KDI-0001CrenichthysCrenichthys baileyi baileyi Pahranagat Creek/Ash Springs, NVanonymous donorfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0001AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigripinnis RK 99Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0002NothobranchiusNothobranchius wattersi Hoba MZMW 09-6Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0003RivulusRivulus xiphidius Crique Blanche SD-FG 03-10Jack Heller, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0004NothobranchiusNothobranchius jubbi ASTom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0005NothobranchiusNothobranchius wattersi Hoba MZMW 09-6Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0006SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys heloplites AS (Syn_ antenori)Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0007PterolebiasPterolebias luelingi BOL HV-2015-07Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0008GnatholebiasGnatholebias zonatus Las Mercedes VEN 2014-1Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0009NothobranchiusNothobranchius hassoni DRCH 2008-10Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0010NothobranchiusNothobranchius polli DRCH 2008-2Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0011AphyosemionAphyosemion wachtersi FCO 2011-4Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0012SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys heloplites AS (Syn_ antenori)Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0013NothobranchiusNothobranchius fuscotaeniatus Kitonga TAN 97-9Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0014AphyosemionAphyosemion punctatum Bolo BaiHoward Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0015ArchiaphyosemionArchiaphyosemion guineense Lenghe-Curoh SL 93-37Thomas Milkuhn, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0016FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax deltaensis ASTyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0017CyprinodonCyprinodon nazas La ConchaJohn Brill, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0018CyprinodonCyprinodon albivelis 5 km South of GaleanaJohn Brill, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0019NothobranchiusNothobranchius guentheri ZAN 2014-2Tyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0020KryptolebiasKryptolebias sp. Guadeloupe Bon Goût GT-15Tyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0021NothobranchiusNothobranchius furzeri GonarezhouTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0022NothobranchiusNothobranchius furzeri Massingir MZCS 12-2Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0023NothobranchiusNothobranchius krysanovi MZCS 209-249 QuelimaneTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0024NothobranchiusNothobranchius pienaari Lower Limpopo MZCS 2009-201Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0025AphyosemionAphyosemion joergenscheeli GJS 00-13Jeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0026AphyosemionAphyosemion raddai ModeJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0027AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum NtuiJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0028AphyosemionAphyosemion polli CIJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0029Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys brousseaui BP 13-7 QuimoneJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0030AphyosemionAphyosemion hera GJS 00-29 BenguieJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0031Archiaphyosemion (Nimbapanchax)Archiaphyosemion petersi Banco ParkJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0032RivulusRivulus waimacui GUY 02-4Jeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0033AphyosemionAphyosemion sp. aff. christyi Lobaye Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0034FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti US aquarium strainLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0035AphyosemionAphyosemion louessense RPC 78/33Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0036AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum N'TuiLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0037AphyosemionAphyosemion georgiae GWW 86-2Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0038AphyosemionAphyosemion sp. aff. castaneum OyoLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0039AphyosemionAphyosemion sp. COFE 2010-20Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0040AphyosemionAphyosemion labarrei MadimbaLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0041AphyosemionAphyosemion musafiri AVD 2007-1Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0042NothobranchiusNothobranchius korthausae Yellow Aquarium StrainJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA), USAfish DSSE
KDI-AKA0043LamprichthysLamprichthys tanganicanusJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0044NothobranchiusNothobranchius orthonotus Mabalane MZG 06-3Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0045AphaniusAphanius mento Ereli Konya, TurkeyJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0046FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti LoeJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0047AphaniusAphanius farsicus Lake MaharluJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0048SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys santanae Aquarium StrainJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0049FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Funge ADL 13-39Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0050NothobranchiusNothobranchius kilomberoensis TAN 95/4 IfakaraJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0051FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax filamentosus Majidun NG MM 14Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0052FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Dwarf RedJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0053SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys (Opthalmolebias) constanciae Barra de Sao JoaoJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0054FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Funge ADK 11-432Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0055AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigripinnis Villa SorianoJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0056FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Niger DeltaJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0057PterolebiasPterolebias longipinnis [aff.] BOL HV 2015-05 Laguna SuarezJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA), USAfish DSSE, blood smears and heads
KDI-AKA0058Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys sp. tocantinensis/coamazonicus Parnaiba?Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0059NothobranchiusNothobranchius pienaari Dondo MOZ 04-6Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0060NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Lower Shire MZMW 09-04Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0061NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Beira 98Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0062NothobranchiusNothobranchius robustus Kalisizo UGN 17-20Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0063AustrofundulusAustrofundulus limnaeus ex Podrabsky labTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0064KryptolebiasKryptolebias marmoratus St Lucie CountyTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0065Aphyosemion (Diapteron)Aphyosemion georgiae GWW 86-2Jeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0066ScripaphyosemionScriptaphyosemion cauveti KindiaJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0067AphyosemionAphyosemion ocellatum Sika SikaJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0068AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum BatiboJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0069CallopanchaxCallopanchax occidentalis Teme Yellah SL 89 DRCHRobert Ellerman, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0001AphyosemionAphyosemion punctatum Buang Bai Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0002Archiaphyosemion (Nimbapanchax)Archiaphyosemion viride Village Bassalow GM 09/20Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0003AustrolebiasAustrolebias alexandri El Pingo Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0004CallopanchaxCallopanchax monroviae (red) Paynesville, Liberia L97 Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0005CallopanchaxCallopanchax occidentalis (blue) Malai SL03/11 Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0006Aphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion)Aphyosemion bivittatum (red) Lagos Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0007FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax gresensi Takwai Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0008FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax spoorenbergi Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0009PapiliolebiasPapiliolebias francescae La Fiada BPB 2015/18Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0010SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys filamentosus ABPV 13/3Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0011Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys shibattai Bom Jesus da Lapa Maikel Meijer, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0012RivulusRivulus agilae St. Laurent du Maroni FG 15-01Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0013RivulusRivulus agilae Malali GUY 15-05Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0014RivulusRivulus beniensis Itenez Dpt., Road Bella Vista to Magdalena, Bolivia HV 2015-03Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0015RivulusRivulus berovidesi Salta de Soroa, Cuba Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0016RivulusRivulus chucunaque PAN 2012-01Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0017RivulusRivulus frenatus Anarico, Demerare Distr., Guyana (Br) Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0018RivulusRivulus geayi (Granite stones) Savanne Roche, French Guyane F.Guiane 15-14Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0019RivulusRivulus ornatus Neue Horizonte, Peru Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0020RivulusRivulus speciosus Quista Cocha, Peru Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0021RivulusRivulus tenuis Papalapoan, Mexico Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0022RivulusRivulus xiphidius FB 95-02, F. GuyaneWim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0023AphyosemionAphyosemion caudofasciatum FCO 2011-8Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0024AphyosemionAphyosemion celiae celiae Makanje Plantation ABK 2007-146Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0025AphyosemionAphyosemion hanneloreae GEB 94-20Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0026AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense pyrophore Komono yellow Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0027AphyosemionAphyosemion primigenium GBN 88-10Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0028AphyosemionAphyosemion wachtersi FCO 2011-4Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0029Aphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion)Aphyosemion volcanum Mile 4 JVC 2005Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0030FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax amieti Sud Sanaga Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0031FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax amieti km 18 Edea-Yaounde C89-31Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0032AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigripinnis De Carmelo Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0033FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax avichang GEML 2000-16Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0034FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax nigerianus Jos Plateau Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0035NothobranchiusNothobranchius cardinalis Lissingi River TAN 1997-27Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0036NothobranchiusNothobranchius flammicomantis FTZ 10-21Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0037ScriptaphyosemionScriptaphyosemion guignardi Mamou Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0038NothobranchiusNothobranchius flagrans Kabungu River CD 13/7Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0039NothobranchiusNothobranchius guentheri Zanzibar Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0040NothobranchiusNothobranchius kilomberoensis Ifakara TAN 95/4Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0041NothobranchiusNothobranchius krysanovi Quelimane MZCS 209-249Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0042NothobranchiusNothobranchius patrizii Msumalini Creek K96-23Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0043NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Beira Beira 98Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0044AphaniusAphanius mento Bor TUBCD 05/17J. Cristiano, Portugalfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0045LeptopanchaxLeptopanchax minimus Campo Grande CERS 01-12Steven MacDonald, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0046AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense GHP 80-24, GabonRoger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0047GnatholebiasGnatholebias zonatus Villavicencio, ColombiaRoger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0048NothobranchiusNothobranchius eggersi Rufiji River Roger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0049Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys fasciatus Roger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0050Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys reticulatus Altamira, Rio Xingu, Brasil Roger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0051AphyosemionAphyosemion exiguum Moyenam ADK 10-305Eduardo Garcia Lastra, Espanafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0052NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Beira 98 Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0053AphyosemionAphyosemion calliurum CBL 01-20Roger Gladwell, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0054AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense pyrophore RPC 78-18Roger Gladwell, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0055AphyosemionAphyosemion striatum GEMHS 00-03Roger Gladwell, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0056Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys coamazonicus Parnaibo, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0057NotholebiasNotholebias minimus CERS 01-12 Campo Grande, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0058PapiliolebiasPapiliolebias ashleyae BOL 2015-14, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0059RachoviaRachovia hummelincki Cerro Atravesado, Paraguana, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0060RachoviaRachovia sp. "Monteria", near village Monteria, Sinu area, West ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0061RenovaRenova oscari VEN 2014-07 Isla Raton, Finka Rosalia, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0062RivulusRivulus aff. beniensis BOL 2015-02, roadside ditches Magdalena - BellavistaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0063RivulusRivulus aff. beniensis Lago SuarezFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0064RivulusRivulus aff. limoncochae COL 2014-02 Puerto Gaitan, Meta Distr., ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0065RivulusRivulus aff. rectocaudatus ICE 2015-22 Calderon trail, Leticia, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0066RivulusRivulus aff. rubrolineatus ICE 2015-21 roadside ditches at KM 13 Leticia - CalderonFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0067RivulusRivulus aff. urophthalmus Sipaliwini River, Kwamalasamutu, South West SurinameFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0068RivulusRivulus fransvermeuleni upper Nickery River, road to the West. SurinameFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0069RivulusRivulus leticia ICE 2015-20 KM 13 rd. Leticia to Calderon. In backyard home Fred Vosse.Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0070RivulusRivulus aff. ornatus Neue Horizonte, PeruFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0071RivulusRivulus pivijay COL 2009-28 Road Media Luna - Pivijay, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0072RivulusRivulus species "Curillo", ICE 2015 Village at upper Caqueta RiverFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0073RivulusRivulus species "Mocoa", ICE 2015 Near Mocoa - Mocoa river, upper Caqueta RiverFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0074RivulusRivulus speciosus ASFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0075Simpsonichthys (Simpsonichthys)Simpsonichthys margaritatus Rio Verde, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0076Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys brousseaui BOL 2015-14, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0001Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys pilleti Quimome BFB 12-9  (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0002Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys semiocellatus (single fish)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0003AustrolebiasAustrolebias accorsii Terra TypicaDidier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0004Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys brousseaui El Tinto BFB 12-8Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0005AustrolebiasAustrolebias elongatus ARG Ruta11 MP 11-01 (single fish)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0006MaratecoaraMaratecoara lacortei Agua Boa HVP 7-16 (male & female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0007Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys radiosus HVP 15-2017 (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0008Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys martinsi  (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0009MaratecoaraMaratecoara lacortei Aqua Boa HVP 7-16 (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0010Simpsonichtys (Spectrolebias)Spectrolebias semiocellatus  (males and females)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0011SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys cholopterix  (1 male, 2 females)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-SEK0001PronothobranchiusPronothobranchius seymouri GHALOZ 03-16 (6 km N from Kasseh)Amer Faour, Espanafish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0001AphyosemionAphyosemion ocellatum Sika Sika GJS 00-05Antoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0002ScriptaphyosemionScriptaphyosemion cauveti KindiaAntoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0003AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum Batibo ADL 13-22Antoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0004Aphyosemion (Diapteron)Aphyosemion georgiae GWW 86-2Antoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol




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