Important note : the hereafter molecular platform of cooperation between researchers and aquarists-collectors is a satellite project of Killi-Data, i.e., not managed by Killi-Data editor, but obviously fully supported by him… it aims to improve molecular knowledge on Killifish by providing specimens donated by aquarists/collectors to interested researchers as sampled tissues and it is independently managed by dedicated expert aquarists Tyrone Genade, Andy Patel, Frans Vermeulen.

Molecular platform of cooperation for a better knowledge on killifish

We are gathering as many killifish samples as possible to create a databank of killifishes that should become a free source for ichthyologists worldwide who need material to complete or enrich their study of killifish DNA for molecular phylogenetics and taxonomy.

To achieve this we need your help.

What we would like to ask you is to check if you are able to select a few specimens from as much species you have, and can spare, and donate these specimens to the MOL-team. We would prefer that you send us one of the following:

  • One to two fishes, juveniles or adult, of all species you can spare for this promising and important project. They may be of one single gender (male-male or female-female) or pairs, preferable small so we-you can store them in small vials in Ethanol (EtOH). Therefore, from all fish species, you might have more males than females or vice versa, you may consider helping us. All killifish species of all genera are welcome, even samples of a single species, but collected at different locations are welcome and most needed.
  • One or more juveniles of any species you have enough from, like if you have a big breeding group, and that you could donate for our project. You will not miss one or two fishes if you have hundreds of these.
  • One or more fishes that are old and are not producing any more and for that could be taken for a greater course than dying in a while rotting away in a dark corner. Take it out and store it in Ethanol till we can send you the proper vials for sending.
  • One or more specimen of any collection of alcohol-stored species you may have stored for yourself in previous time.
  • Any and all fish are important to us, we are starting with this project, and for that not many requests went out so far. Be one of the first to participate.
  • A list of the species currently in collection is shown below. We need duplicates of each species ! This is especially valuable when trying to resolve species boundary between killifish populations.

How to prepare and send fish samples ?

  1. You may have to kill samples. (If you live in the USA or the UK you can send live fish to either Tyrone Genade or Andy Patel, with contact details at MOL-team.)
  2. Beforehand, purchase a small bottle of clove oil and dilute it 1:9 with ethanol (at least 180 proof). (Alternatively, fish can be sedated and killed in ice-water but Austrolebias sp. will recover from such an ice-water bath and then suffer in the ethanol.)
  3. Gently net the fish from the aquarium and place in a small volume of water from the original aquarium.
  4. Add 2 drops of clove oil per 100 mL to sedate the fish.
  5. Once the fish is sedated increase the clove oil dose to 8 drops per 100 mL.
  6. Wait five minutes after the fish’s gills have ceased to move before transferring to the freezer or ethanol for storage. This would also be a good time to photograph the fish. Live color photos are very valuable should the specimen's DNA suggest it is part of a species complex or is an undescribed species.
  7. If you have small vials or containers yourself (we are able to send proper vials to you for free) and if you have EtOH at hand, you may preserve the species yourself.
  8. Store all unique species in vials in their own small zipper bags and write down following info (with pencil) if available. Be aware that ONLY species with a trustable origin must be chosen. If you are not certain of the origin leave these out !!!. This is important to avoid mismatches in the future research.

  9. legend
  10. Genus name (The old or, if applicable, the new genus name).
  11. The species name. (or if the fish has no scientific name yet just 'species')
  12. The place or region the fish was collected. (If known)
  13. The Field-code (if available).
  14. Further if you know if the sample is first, second or later generation from wild caught fish.
  15. Never send 'Aquarium strains', unless the identification is 100% certain.

The paper, Protocol for collecting Killifish, describes how to collect and preserve wild specimens for later scientific study has been originally published in Killi News (the Journal of the British Killifish Association), with following reference : Alonso F. & T. Genade, 2018. Protocol for collecting Killifish and other freshwater fish for diversity surveys. BKA Killi News. June/July number 585, pages 88-94.

What is your profit for helping out ?

Practically you will not have direct profit in a financial sense but all hobbyists will profit from your submission in scientific sense. The idea to build a databank for killifish is filling a gap in research because scientists were not able to gather the comparing material in their study so far, or lost months or even years to find people that have the proper species samples to compare with. By this project Killi-Data International will become the global source for all scientists working with killifish to find the right samples in one central spot. This service is free regardless the country the requests come from.

If you supply any material, even if it is only one species you provided, your name will be listed in the MOL-KILLI-BANK project-page accompanied with each species you donate.

If these species are studied and results are used in papers that will be published, the author will be asked to mention your name as one of the suppliers in the acknowledgements and you may get the paper sent to you as well.

Finally we like to see you contacting us, we are awaiting your help and if possible a list of available species in your responding mail. Check your tanks right now and let us know what you can share for science !

If you by chance cannot help right now but can help in the near future we can send you the vials filled with EtOH upfront.

We look forward to your help, small or big, all will be highly appreciated.

Molecular Platform Team

The molecular platform of cooperation between researchers and aquarists/collectors is independently managed by dedicated expert aquarists Tyrone Genade (USA), Andy Patel (UK), Frans Vermeulen (Aruba/NL). Please contact directly , , .



The following list of specimens in MOL-KILLI-BANK, managed by Tyrone Genade, Andy Patel, Frans Vermeulen, has been updated on February 3. 2019, with about 240 species-populations.


KDI-0001CrenichthysCrenichthys baileyi baileyi Pahranagat Creek/Ash Springs, NVanonymous donorfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0001AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigripinnis RK 99Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0002NothobranchiusNothobranchius wattersi Hoba MZMW 09-6Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0003RivulusRivulus xiphidius Crique Blanche SD-FG 03-10Jack Heller, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0004NothobranchiusNothobranchius jubbi ASTom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0005NothobranchiusNothobranchius wattersi Hoba MZMW 09-6Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0006SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys heloplites AS (Syn_ antenori)Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0007PterolebiasPterolebias luelingi BOL HV-2015-07Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0008GnatholebiasGnatholebias zonatus Las Mercedes VEN 2014-1Howard Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0009NothobranchiusNothobranchius hassoni DRCH 2008-10Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0010NothobranchiusNothobranchius polli DRCH 2008-2Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0011AphyosemionAphyosemion wachtersi FCO 2011-4Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0012SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys heloplites AS (Syn_ antenori)Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0013NothobranchiusNothobranchius fuscotaeniatus Kitonga TAN 97-9Tom Kean, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0014AphyosemionAphyosemion punctatum Bolo BaiHoward Wu, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0015ArchiaphyosemionArchiaphyosemion guineense Lenghe-Curoh SL 93-37Thomas Milkuhn, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0016FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax deltaensis ASTyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0017CyprinodonCyprinodon nazas La ConchaJohn Brill, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0018CyprinodonCyprinodon albivelis 5 km South of GaleanaJohn Brill, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0019NothobranchiusNothobranchius guentheri ZAN 2014-2Tyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0020KryptolebiasKryptolebias sp. Guadeloupe Bon Goût GT-15Tyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0021NothobranchiusNothobranchius furzeri GonarezhouTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0022NothobranchiusNothobranchius furzeri Massingir MZCS 12-2Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0023NothobranchiusNothobranchius krysanovi MZCS 209-249 QuelimaneTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0024NothobranchiusNothobranchius pienaari Lower Limpopo MZCS 2009-201Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0025AphyosemionAphyosemion joergenscheeli GJS 00-13Jeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0026AphyosemionAphyosemion raddai ModeJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0027AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum NtuiJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0028AphyosemionAphyosemion polli CIJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0029Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys brousseaui BP 13-7 QuimoneJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0030AphyosemionAphyosemion hera GJS 00-29 BenguieJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0031ArchiaphyosemionArchiaphyosemion petersi Banco ParkJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0032RivulusRivulus waimacui GUY 02-4Jeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0033AphyosemionAphyosemion sp. aff. christyi Lobaye Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0034FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti US aquarium strainLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0035AphyosemionAphyosemion louessense RPC 78/33Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0036AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum N'TuiLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0037AphyosemionAphyosemion georgiae GWW 86-2Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0038AphyosemionAphyosemion sp. aff. castaneum OyoLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0039AphyosemionAphyosemion sp. COFE 2010-20Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0040AphyosemionAphyosemion labarrei MadimbaLou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0041AphyosemionAphyosemion musafiri AVD 2007-1Lou Hersche, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0042NothobranchiusNothobranchius korthausae Yellow Aquarium StrainJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA), USAfish DSSE
KDI-AKA0043LamprichthysLamprichthys tanganicanusJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0044NothobranchiusNothobranchius orthonotus Mabalane MZG 06-3Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0045AphaniusAphanius mento Ereli Konya, TurkeyJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0046FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti LoeJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0047AphaniusAphanius farsicus Lake MaharluJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0048SimpsonichthysSimpsonichtys santanae Aquarium StrainJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0049FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Funge ADL 13-39Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0050NothobranchiusNothobranchius kilomberoensis TAN 95/4 IfakaraJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0051FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax filamentosus Majidun NG MM 14Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0052FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Dwarf RedJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0053Simpsonichthys (Opthalmolebias)Simpsonichthys constanciae Barra de Sao JoaoJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0054FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Funge ADK 11-432Jim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0055AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigripinnis Villa SorianoJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0056FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sjoestedti Niger DeltaJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0057PterolebiasPterolebias longipinnis [aff.] BOL HV 2015-05 Laguna SuarezJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA), USAfish DSSE, blood smears and heads
KDI-AKA0058HypsolebiasHypsolebias sp. aff. tocantinensis-coamazonicus ParnaibaJim Kostich (WAKO, AKA)fish DSSE
KDI-AKA0059NothobranchiusNothobranchius pienaari Dondo MOZ 04-6Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0060NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Lower Shire MZMW 09-04Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0061NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Beira 98Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0062NothobranchiusNothobranchius robustus Kalisizo UGN 17-20Tyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0063AustrofundulusAustrofundulus limnaeus ex Podrabsky labTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0064KryptolebiasKryptolebias marmoratus St Lucie CountyTyrone Genadefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0065DiapteronDiapteron georgiae GWW 86-2Jeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0066ScripaphyosemionScriptaphyosemion cauvetii KindiaJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0067AphyosemionAphyosemion ocellatum Sika SikaJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0068AphyosemionAphyosemion elberti BatiboJeff Wasley, USAfish, DSSE
KDI-AKA0069CallopanchaxCallopanchax occidentalis Teme Yellah SL 89 DRCHRobert Ellerman, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0001AphyosemionAphyosemion punctatum Buang Bai Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0002Archiaphyosemion (Nimbapanchax)Archiaphyosemion viride Village Bassalow GM 09/20Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0003AustrolebiasAustrolebias alexandri El Pingo Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0004CallopanchaxCallopanchax monroviae (red) Paynesville, Liberia L97 Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0005CallopanchaxCallopanchax occidentalis (blue) Malai SL03/11 Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0006Aphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion)Aphyosemion bivittatum (red) Lagos Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0007FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax gresensi Takwai Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0008FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax spoorenbergi Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0009PapiliolebiasPapiliolebias francescae La Fiada BPB 2015/18Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0010SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys filamentosus ABPV 13/3Lester McCathie, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0011Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys shibattai Bom Jesus da Lapa Maikel Meijer, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0012RivulusRivulus agilae St. Laurent du Maroni FG 15-01Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0013RivulusRivulus agilae Malali GUY 15-05Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0014RivulusRivulus beniensis Itenez Dpt., Road Bella Vista to Magdalena, Bolivia HV 2015-03Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0015RivulusRivulus berovidesi Salta de Soroa, Cuba Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0016RivulusRivulus chucunaque PAN 2012-01Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0017RivulusRivulus frenatus Anarico, Demerare Distr., Guyana (Br) Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0018RivulusRivulus geayi (Granite stones) Savanne Roche, French Guyane F.Guiane 15-14Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0019RivulusRivulus ornatus Neue Horizonte, Peru Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0020RivulusRivulus speciosus Quista Cocha, Peru Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0021RivulusRivulus tenuis Papalapoan, Mexico Wim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0022RivulusRivulus xiphidius FB 95-02, F. GuyaneWim Suijker, The Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0023AphyosemionAphyosemion caudofasciatum FCO 2011-8Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0024AphyosemionAphyosemion celiae celiae Makanje Plantation ABK 2007-146Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0025AphyosemionAphyosemion hanneloreae GEB 94-20Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0026AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense pyrophore Komono yellow Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0027AphyosemionAphyosemion primigenium GBN 88-10Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0028AphyosemionAphyosemion wachtersi FCO 2011-4Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0029Aphyosemion (Chromaphyosemion)Aphyosemion volcanum Mile 4 JVC 2005Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0030FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax amieti Sud Sanaga Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0031FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax amieti km 18 Edea-Yaounde C89-31Bob Merritt, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0032AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigripinnis De Carmelo Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0033FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax avichang GEML 2000-16Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0034FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax nigerianus Jos Plateau Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0035NothobranchiusNothobranchius cardinalis Lissingi River TAN 1997-27Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0036NothobranchiusNothobranchius flammicomantis FTZ 10-21Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0037ScriptaphyosemionScriptaphyosemion guignardi Mamou Paul Carter, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0038NothobranchiusNothobranchius flagrans Kabungu River CD 13/7Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0039NothobranchiusNothobranchius guentheri Zanzibar Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0040NothobranchiusNothobranchius kilomberoensis Ifakara TAN 95/4Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0041NothobranchiusNothobranchius krysanovi Quelimane MZCS 209-249Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0042NothobranchiusNothobranchius patrizii Msumalini Creek K96-23Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0043NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Beira Beira 98Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0044AphaniusAphanius mento Bor TUBCD 05/17J. Cristiano, Portugalfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0045LeptopanchaxLeptopanchax minimus Campo Grande CERS 01-12Steven MacDonald, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0046AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense GHP 80-24, GabonRoger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0047GnatholebiasGnatholebias zonatus Villavicencio, ColombiaRoger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0048NothobranchiusNothobranchius eggersi Rufiji River Roger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0049Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys fasciatus Roger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0050Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys reticulatus Altamira, Rio Xingu, Brasil Roger Shiner, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0051AphyosemionAphyosemion exiguum Moyenam ADK 10-305Eduardo Garcia Lastra, Espanafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0052NothobranchiusNothobranchius rachovii Beira 98 Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0053AphyosemionAphyosemion calliurum CBL 01-20Roger Gladwell, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0054AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense pyrophore RPC 78-18Roger Gladwell, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0055AphyosemionAphyosemion striatum GEMHS 00-03Roger Gladwell, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0056Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys coamazonicus Parnaibo, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0057NotholebiasNotholebias minimus CERS 01-12 Campo Grande, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0058PapiliolebiasPapiliolebias ashleyae BOL 2015-14, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0059RachoviaRachovia hummelincki Cerro Atravesado, Paraguana, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0060RachoviaRachovia sp. "Monteria", near village Monteria, Sinu area, West ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0061RenovaRenova oscari VEN 2014-07 Isla Raton, Finka Rosalia, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0062RivulusRivulus aff. beniensis BOL 2015-02, roadside ditches Magdalena - BellavistaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0063RivulusRivulus aff. beniensis Lago SuarezFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0064RivulusRivulus aff. limoncochae COL 2014-02 Puerto Gaitan, Meta Distr., ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0065RivulusRivulus aff. rectocaudatus ICE 2015-22 Calderon trail, Leticia, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0066RivulusRivulus aff. rubrolineatus ICE 2015-21 roadside ditches at KM 13 Leticia - CalderonFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0067RivulusRivulus aff. urophthalmus Sipaliwini River, Kwamalasamutu, South West SurinameFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0068RivulusRivulus fransvermeuleni upper Nickery River, road to the West. SurinameFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0069RivulusRivulus leticia ICE 2015-20 KM 13 rd. Leticia to Calderon. In backyard home Fred Vosse.Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0070RivulusRivulus aff. ornatus Neue Horizonte, PeruFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0071RivulusRivulus pivijay COL 2009-28 Road Media Luna - Pivijay, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0072RivulusRivulus species "Curillo", ICE 2015 Village at upper Caqueta RiverFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0073RivulusRivulus species "Mocoa", ICE 2015 Near Mocoa - Mocoa river, upper Caqueta RiverFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0074RivulusRivulus speciosus ASFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0075Simpsonichthys (Simpsonichthys)Simpsonichthys margaritatus Rio Verde, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0076Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys brousseaui BOL 2015-14, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0001Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys pilleti Quimome BFB 12-9  (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0002Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys semiocellatus (single fish)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0003AustrolebiasAustrolebias accorsii Terra TypicaDidier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0004Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys brousseaui El Tinto BFB 12-8Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0005AustrolebiasAustrolebias elongatus ARG Ruta11 MP 11-01 (single fish)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0006MaratecoaraMaratecoara lacortei Agua Boa HVP 7-16 (male & female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0007SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys radiosus HVP 15-2017 (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0008SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys martinsi  (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0009MaratecoaraMaratecoara lacortei Aqua Boa HVP 7-16 (male and female)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0010Simpsonichtys (Spectrolebias)Spectrolebias semiocellatus  (males and females)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KCF0011SimpsonichthysSimpsonichthys cholopterix  (1 male, 2 females)Didier Pillet, Francefish, 100% ethanol
KDI-SEK0001PronothobranchiusPronothobranchius seymouri GHALOZ 03-16 (6 km N from Kasseh)Amer Faour, Espanafish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0001AphyosemionAphyosemion ocellatum Sika Sika GJS 00-05Antoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0002ScriptaphyosemionScriptaphyosemion cauveti KindiaAntoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0003AphyosemionAphyosemion bualanum Batibo ADL 13-22Antoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KD-PL0004Aphyosemion (Diapteron)Aphyosemion georgiae GWW 86-2Antoni Chwialkowski, Polandfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-AKA0070AustrolebiasAustrolebias nigrofasciatus Shopping Pelotas, Av. Ferreira Viana, 1526 - Areal, Pelotas - RS, 96085-000, BrazilTyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0001Rivulus (Melanorivulus)Rivulus planaltinus Terra TypicaJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0071FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax sp. BasuaIstvan Kasai, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0072NothobranchiusNothobranchius korthausae Mafia Island TAN 02-5Tyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0073RenovaRenova oscari Isla RatonJoseph Scanlan, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KD-BKA0001NothobranchiusNothobranchius pienaari MOZ 99-9Trevor Wood, UKfish, 100% ethanol
KD-SKS0001FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax gardneri UkeAnita Persson, Swedenfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0074FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax nigerianus P82Garry Greenwood, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0075FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax scheeli Istvan Kasai, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KD-SKS0002FundulosomaFundulosoma thierryi ADA GH 06-05Anita Persson, Swedenfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0076RivulusRivulus cylindraceus Al CastroTyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0077FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax clauseni AkureGarry Greenwood, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0002Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys brunoi Terra TypicaJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0003Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys notatus Terra TypicaJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0004Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys radiosusJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0005MaratecoaraMaratecoara lacortei Nova Nazare 2017JW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0006GnatholebiasGnatholebias zonatus 1978JW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0007RivulusRivulus hartii Isla de MargaritaJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0008RivulusRivulus igneusJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0009StenolebiasStenolebias damascenoiJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0010AphyosemionAphyosemion wachtersi RC 2017-69 WJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0011AphyosemionAphyosemion pyrophore RC 2017-72JW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0012Rivulus (Melanorivulus)Rivulus punctatus HvdB 2015-7 Porte EspenidaoJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0013PlesiolebiasPlesiolebias altamiraJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0014Pseudepiplatys (Epiplatys)Pseudepiplatys annulatus MonroviaJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-KFN0015RivulusRivulusJW Hoetmer, Netherlandsfish, 100% ethanol
KD-SKS0003FundulopanchaxFundulopanchax lacustris Akwen BLLMC 2005-2Anita Persson, Swedenfish, 100% ethanol
KD-AKA0076AphyosemionAphyosemion ogoense GHP 80-24, GabonTyrone Genade, USAfish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0077Rivulus (Vomerivulus)Rivulus aff. xi near Terra Typica of R. azurescens, Antioquia, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0078Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. erberinear Curillo, upper Putemayo, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0079Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus spec. ICE 2016-02 aff. limoncochae-tessellatusFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0080Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus spec. ICE 2016-14 aff. tessellatus, road from Acasias to San Jose de Guaviare, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0081Rivulus (Benirivulus)Rivulus beniensis BOL-HV 2015-02, road from Bella Vista to Magdalena, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0082Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus species Mocoa, ICE 2016-01, Mocoa, upper Putemayo, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0083Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus species ICE 2016-17 aff. corpulentus, 6.6 Km north Calamar, Guaviare, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0084Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. erberi Solito, Upper Putemayo, Colombia Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0085Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. tessellatus ICE 2015-11 Acacias, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Aruba4 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0086Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus speciosus Quista Cocha, PeruFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0087Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. hartii San Filipe, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0088Rivulus (Cynodonichthys)Rivulus aff. xi road Barrancabermeja-Bucaramanga, Santander Dpt., 2017Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0089Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus species ICE 2016-18, Pozos Naturalis, near San Jose de Guaviare, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0090Rivulus (Vomerivulus)Rivulus azurescens Type locality, Antioquia, Colombia Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0091Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. tessellatus ICE 20116-10, type Locality, Lake mozambique, Meta Dpt., ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0092PterolebiasPterolebias phasianus Mato Grosso, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Aruba7 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0093MaratecoaraMaratecoara splendida BR 15-6, Alvarondo, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0094Terranatos Terranatos aff. dolichopterus San José de Guaviare, Central ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0095Renova Renova aff. oscari San José de Guaviare, along Route 75, near Puerto Arturo, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0096Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys reticulatus type locality, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0097Rachovia Rachovia aff. spendens Toluviejo, Sucre Dpt., ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0098Kryptolebias Kryptolebias bonairensis Lac Bay, BonaireFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0099Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys flagellatus Kiril KardashevFrans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0100Micromoema Micromoema xiphophora Finka Dona Rosalina, Isla Raton, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0101RachoviaRachovia species aff. maculipinnis Puerto Carreno, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0102Rachovia Rachovia hummelincki Cerro Atravesado, Paraguana, Venezuela Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0103PterolebiasPterolebias aff. longipinnis BOL-HV 2015, Lago Suarez, North Trinidad City, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0104LucaniaLucania parva Wikiva river, USAFrans Vermeulen, Aruba (original from Ken Normandin)fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0105LeptolebiasLeptolebias aureoguttatus Iguarape, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0106NotholebiasNotholebias minimusFrans Vermeulen, Aruba, auctioned at AKA show in 2017fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0107NematolebiasNematolebias whitei Cabo Frio, Brasil Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0108CallopanchaxCallopanchax occidentalis Teme Yellah-SL-89 DRCH Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0109CynolebiasCynolebias itapicuruensis Capim Rosso, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0110AphyolebiasAphyolebias rubrocaudatus Puerto Maldonado, PeruFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0111Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. christinae Algerla Road, Puerto Maldonado, PeruFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0112LucaniaLucania parva Wikiva river, USA Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0113FundulusFundulus catenatus Meramec River, MD, USAFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0114Simpsonichthys (Hypsolebias)Simpsonichthys coamazonicus Parnaiba, BrasilFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0115Simpsonichthys (Spectrolebias)Simpsonichthys semiocellatus Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0116CyprinodonCyprinodon dearborni Lac Bay, BonaireFrans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0117PitunaPituna brevirostrata Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0118KryptolebiasKryptolebias ocellatus AS 1981 [ex-hermaphroditus]Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0119AustrofundulusAustrofundulus aff. myersi Bosconia, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0120Austrolebias (Argolebias)Austrolebias aff. nigripinnis San Javier, Missiones, ArgentinaFrans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0121NematolebiasNematolebias papilliferus 10 Oct 2009Frans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0122Micromoema Micromoema xiphophora near Puerto Paez, Orinoco, VenezuelaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0123Trigonectes Trigonectes aff. rogoaguae near Bella Vista, North Bolivia 2015-01Frans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0124Simpsonichthys (Simpsonichthys)Simpsonichthys boitonei 2004 (no loc.)Frans Vermeulen, Aruba3 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0125Rivulus (Oditichthys)Rivulus aff. christinae, BT 2002, Rio Xipamanu, BoliviaFrans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0126RachoviaRachovia aff. hummelincki COL 2009-05, Bosconia, Colombia Frans Vermeulen, Aruba2 fish, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0127Austrolebias (Megalebias)Austrolebias cheradophilus Frans Vermeulen, Aruba1 juvenile, 100% ethanol
KDI-FV0128Rivulus (Owiyeye)Rivulus staecki type locality, Alto Rio Negro, Guainia, ColombiaFrans Vermeulen, Arubafish, 100% ethanol



How our specimens are stored and shipped to researchers ?

All specimens are stored in one of either 100% molecular biology grade ethanol or DSSE. The DSSE (salt–saturated EDTA solution) was prepared as follows:

  • Prepare 0.5 M EDTA stock solution, pH 8
  • Combine 250 mL 0.5 M EDTA with 100 mL of DMSO
  • Add 115 g of NaCl
  • Dilute to 1 L
  • Mix for several hours
  • Autoclave

Only the clear liquid was used for preserving samples. Samples are stored at room temperature in the dark and the ethanol/DSSE is routinely replenished where needed.

Specimens are shipped in accordance with the Law of the sending and receiving country. This might require special permits and couriered post. It is the receiver’s responsibility to inform the sender of the legal requirements and reimburse shipping expenses. Unless requested otherwise, receiver’s are sent a portion of the catalogued sample in a sterile tube of either 100% Ethanol or DSSE. As of writing we have had no difficulty in sending samples to Canada, Brazil, South Africa and within the USA.

Exciting scientific challenges ! (Some inspiration for DNA studies)

  • Firstly, the molecular research of killifish is not yet satisfactory. Research into other groups of fish is far more detailed and thorough.
  • Secondly, all the major killifish groups have been studied except one: the lampeyes.
  • Thirdly, there is normally only one team of researchers publishing data for any one group (sometimes two groups). As consequence there is very little testing of phylogenetic hypotheses by by groups other than the group that produced the hypotheses. This is not sound science. which depends on extensive peer review to ensure both the quality and accuracy of the knowledge produced. This has resulted in taxonomic instability (e.g., the group of genera or subgenera Plesiolebias, Stenolebias, Papiliolebias, Maratecoara, Pituna in Rivulinae) as well as left many interesting questions unsettled (e.g. the genus Pantanodon with its 2 dissimilar species in lampeyes, the species xenicus in Fundulus, the species Pseudepiplatys annulatus, Aphyoplatys duboisi in Epiplatys-like fishes, the genus Valencia nearer to Fundulidae or to Cyprinodontidae, the species Nothobranchius virgatus and Nothobranchius ocellatus within long branches).
  • Where studies have been done they have tended to use only a handful of genes and sequences. The more genes included in each study the greater the accuracy of the research. Also, different studies often use different genes making cross-study comparisons impossible. Ideally whole genomes will one day be sequenced.
  • In many cases key species (e.g. Prorivulus auriferus, Aapticheilichthys websteri) are missing casting doubt on the phylogenetic hypotheses.
  • Another problem is that some species may be difficult to obtain and a concerted effort is needed by collectors to obtain them from the type locations. Examples of which are: Aphyosemion bualanum (topotypes), Rivulus ornatus (topotypes), Rivulus obscurus (topotypes), Foerschichthys nigeriensis, Kryptolebias campelloi, Millerichthys robustus, Nothobranchius willerti, Pantanodon madagascariensis, Lacustricola myaposae, Fundulopanchax powelli, etc.
  • Even cases where large genera have been studied only a minority of the species have been included in the molecular study. As consequence, much doubt still remains as to the certainty of the phylogenies.
  • Nothing is known for the small genera Aplocheilus, Pachypanchax, Cynolebias and if there is a consensus for the morpho-components, ambiguity is common about the true number of species (i.e. speciation vs. simple geographical variation with easy interbreeding and fertile offspring).
  • Little is known about the species diversity of several geographical regions. For example, lago Titicaca and around, in Peru, Chile because of the lacustrine speciation of Orestias (6 distinct species, less or more, up to about 50 ?), but that is underway by several competing teams. Less obviously are 2 regions which with present knowledge appear to be an inextricable puzzle of populations, namely the Amazonian basin in Brasil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador; and the Congo-Zaire basin in Congo, Zaire, Centrafrique. These 2 huge basins have faced considerable disruptions during their history including complete flows reversals. These regions pose interesting research opportunities for biogeography as well as systematics (to tease our the distinctive evolutionary units and ranges).
  • Another interesting puzzle is to try and link specific names and genera to morphological patterns: (1) pattern variation within a small region (even sympatrically) like for Aphyolebias rubrocaudatus and related named species, or geographical split for Pterolebias longipinnis between type area in lower Amazon and long distance relatives in Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, or, for subgenus Melanorivulus components within a single drainage (allopatric speciation or polychromatism), (2) morphological variation within a small region, like for components of Procatopus, or Rhexipanchax or Plataplochilus, (3) micro-morphological variation of sensitive cephalic patterns (tubular vs. exposed neuromasts) within a small region like between Micropanchax scheeli and Poropanchax sp., etc.




Now, would you like to leave the satellite projects and view the table of all killifish species that have been molecularly studied, linked with their bibliographic references ? Please click on direct link : GENTABLE