Dr Jean H. Huber
Laboratoire d'ichtyologie M.N.H.N., 43 rue Cuvier, 75231 PARIS cedex 05, France


Paris, July 31. 1994

Dear Colleague, Dear Aquarist, Dear Publisher! 

We are pleased to introduce you to our new book, KILLI DATA 1994, or the "Bible" as some early readers nickname it ; it is published in 3 languages : French, English, German and it holds 366 pages.

Obviously, this work is very special, since this is not encompassing the results of our own research, but the overviews of others.

Our task has been to be as much unbiased as we can (we had to decide on debated cases), to gather, analyse and consolidate the data, to ask for the complicated computer programs and to write some chapters, mainly designed as an educational tool for hobbyists.

This book is the latest outcome of past noteworthy efforts by us, together with Wildekamp & Seegers (1983, 1986, 1989), by Lazara (1984), by Wildekamp, Romand & Scheel in CLOFFA (1986) not to mention the standard yearly Zoological Record.

It brings even more information: species and genera available names and their validity status, plus the alternatives (coded by #) ; aquarium populations ; distribution by country, plus collecting localities in tropical areas; key success factors for collecting ; breeding requirements for each valid species; crossing experiments ; an indexed bibliography ; suprageneric systematics ; short diagnoses of genera ; key data per species ; list of describers ; overall statistics on killies, addresses of the Killi clubs in the world and a glossary.

The objective is to publish an updated version, each year or so, all the more because some chapters are in progress, new items may be added and because we have powerful computers at our disposal.

The publisher is Société Française d'Ichtyologie, a well known scientific association, linked with the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle; it produces a quarterly magazine on fishes, Cybium, and edited in 1992 our review of the genus Rivulus (586pp.).

No printing plans with Killi Data : we will issue only the necessary copies by photocopying, then switching to a new edition with new updating; however, the next substantially different edition is not scheduled before March 1996.

The project is sponsored by a non-profit organization (the Aquarium and the University of Nancy, France) and therefore, profits will not be given to the author, but directly to S.F.I., UNICEF and Institutions and indirectly to Killi Clubs to which it will be sold at cost.

Because of cost, please understand that there is no complementary copy; should you wish to obtain a copy, please fill in the hereafter order form or contact your Killi Club, for which addresses are available also (we manage orders for the publisher: S.F.I.). Direct individual purchases are though discouraged (180 FF per copy) and bulk orders are offered at cost to Killi Clubs (620 FF for 10 copies excluding postage; postage is today 230 FF for 10 copies in Europe, and 330 FF, elsewhere).

We expect that you will enjoy reading this book and thus advertise it around.

With our best regards and wishes for your own projects.

P.J.: sample pages, for a preliminary evaluation and a possible order. 

P.S.: since this work is very complex to execute without mistakes or omissions, your help is anticipated in making it even better, obviously when you hold it. Especially, many new data on localities may be added; then, you should fill a diskette with a spreadsheet software (Excel or Lotus 123 or equivalent is a must).

In addition, any new data, any amendment, any alternative opinion (with a #) is welcome using a red pen (please quote your published sources) and mail them to us before the end of the calendar year at the latest for the next year's publication. We thank you in advance for your support and expect you will enjoy very much reading this book and advertise it around.