From Jean H. Huber
Private address: 7 Bd Flandrin, 75116 Paris, France
Ichtyologie, M.N.H.N., 43 rue Cuvier, 75231 PARIS Cedex 05. 


Paris, May 24., 2012.

Dear Colleague, dear Aquarist !

Important information: 


We are very pleased to let you know in priority that Killi-Data International, a non-profit organisation, has been officially established and registered today. 


Killi-Data International is an association to nest all projects derived from Killi-Data, and primarily to gather all members of this website.

The official objectives are :
to improve the scientific knowledge of a group of Fish commonly named Killies (singular, Killi) by agregating, exchanging, publishing and mediatize information (-data).

Killi-Data International is a non profit venture for which all benefits are redistributed.

Killi-Data International gathers members from all around the world who have accepted to share these objectives, to build up a community of cooperation and knowledge, and to pay a permanent entrance fee and yearly active membership fees to the association depending on their involvment and willing to access to the Internet database.

In comparison to the way Killi-Data was handled in the past :

  • this is not any more a single person project, although the initial author Jean Huber is still pivotal
  • the "members" section of Killi-Data online corresponds to the community section of the association and it is strictly payable (no more free granting for any person, contributor or not) and it is considerably enriched with new pages and with an automated updating process
  • the "guest" section of Killi-Data online is fully open and anonymous (no e-mail needed to enter) and it is fully updated with automatic programmes and a RSS feed, as a mean to interest and possibly enroll new mebers to the association
  • the members of the association participate in the project and the project is their outcome, like in any non-profit organisation.
  • it is still a non-profit venture that redistributes all financial benefits to young scientists or first collectors to support research on Killies.
  • Killi-Data online is still the major outcome, like other electronic derivatives (e.g., Pocket Killi-Data), to be included in the association, whereas the printed outcomes of Killi-Data, such as the books Killi-Data 1994, 1996, 2000, 2007, Killi-Data Catalogue 2006, Killi-Data Series 2011 (and further) are not (presently) included in the association because most are still today losing money or only close to the financial equilibrium and because no new investment is presently affordable by the association.

In other words, Killi-Data International has been built to ensure transmission.



Updates based on questions received since the above announcement [as of October 29. 2013] 



What has changed in the contents of the website compared to the previous version, before K-D-I ?


In general terms, very little, but in practice, quite a lot :

  • it is gradually becoming a cooperative platform among members (including aquaristic stuff) ;
  • in the guests' section (free), several new listings have been introduced, e.g., the list of used names versus their correct names, and a full encyclopedia comprising each name with basic information (more than 1450 pages) ;
  • in the guests' section (free), it is possible to freely register to the RSS feed and become instantly informed of any new publication relating to killifish ;
  • the number of fish photos in the database has increased dramatically (thanks to the availability of digital pics) and now very few species (except in the confused genus Orestias) are not covered with a male and a female, and for more and more populations ;
  • the number of killiflash (with abstracts and analyses of scientific publications) in the database has increased dramatically from a few dozens to a coming target of one thousand and now is the richest documentation over killifish in the world (surpassing fishbase, the catalogue of fishes or the zoological record… but let's be modest, only on killifish !) ;
  • a project has been started in the database (a huge ambition !) to list all major milestones of knowledge for each name at the specific or generic level with referenced evidence.



What has changed in the handling of the website compared to the previous version, before K-D-I ?


Before K-D-I has been founded in 2012, the principles of redistribution of fees were already present, but there were 2 types of members (with access to the database), either paying members with an annual fee much higher than presently, or contributing members with no fee (i.e., researchers who had to inform of their works and aquarists who offered photos as 35mm slides or data of their collecting trips, etc.). Overtime that system of dual membership proved to be not manageable because (for example) some researchers did a lot while others did nothing or because the evaluation of each contribution was difficult to assess objectively and fairly :

  • now, there is no more free access to the database, and any candidate has to become a member of the K-D-I association, pay the fees (permanent entry of 10 €, then active access to the database and other services for a minimum amount as low as 1 € for 2 months) and so on ;
  • now, advertising has been introduced in the guests' section (free) in order to produce revenues for IT developments (and after one year, the amount of money levied is about the same as the money required, so that all fees can be redistributed to researchers and aquarist-collectors) ;
  • now (and also before), the scientific contents are handled by the initial author and other specialized scientists, and the day-to-day management of the association (requests for PDF's, answers to questions, scientific intelligence of publications or of photos or of other websites with Internet robots, management of reviewers linked to own publications) is handled by administrative volunteers ;
  • in the future, the database itself will be accessible to all members who will be able to add data, correct errors, add contributions, by themselves and who will be able to undertake special requests to the database according to their own needs.



What happens to members of the previous version of the website, before K-D-I ?


Just before K-D-I has been founded in 2012, the situation of each previous member has been monitored (paying or contributing) and only 1 member had still access credits so that when the announcement of the new association has been widespread to all previous members, all recipients were invited to register from scratch (with no negative impact to anybody… except for that single member who kindly declined the offer by Jean Huber to pay himself the fee in his place) :

  • now, there is no more free access to the database, and previous members have to register again, pay the fees (permanent entry of 10 €, then active access to the database and other services for a minimum amount as low as 1 € for 2 months) ;
  • now, if a previous contributing member or a new contributing member is asking for free access in exchange of a given contribution, the answer is always no (sorry) ;
  • now (and also before), the project is not commercially oriented (no money is retained whatsoever by the founder, the administrators or whoever else), the fees are aimed to be 100% redistributed, then any member is not registering to pay for services but because of good faith that each fee will build ground for financial donations to researchers and aquarist-collectors, thus improving our knowledge of killifish ;
  • now, each member is acting within a legal non-profit association (legal reports, financial accounts, decisions by votes) and, like in all associations, each member is equal to all others in his rights and constraints, including the possibility of being elected to the board and of impacting the strategy and decisions of the association at the AGM (that is held virtually, not physically, because the members are scattered all over the world).




Please, do not hesitate to widespread the event of Killi-Data International on the Internet and ask questions on K-D-I that will be publicized herein.



With my kindest regards.


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