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From Jean H. Huber
Private address: 7 Bd Flandrin, 75116 Paris, France
Laboratoire d'Ichtyologie, M.N.H.N., 43 rue Cuvier, 75231 PARIS Cedex 05.
e-mail : (NEW!) or [both today inactive]
S.F.I. : Societe Francaise d'Ichtyologie (same address).

Paris, August 14., 2002.

Dear Colleague, dear Aquarist!

Very pleased to inform you in priority of the official availability of the Killi-Data web site!

Its URL is: 

This is the constantly updated and expanded version of the book Killi-Data (2000 is the current edition ; next edition, not before end 2003 or 2004).

However, it is extremely different, since:
- the book is structured in many various lists and 4 languages, French, English, German and Spanish;
- the web site is structured in individual files (one per taxon, either species or genus, i.e. over 1200 in total), with English as the sole international language.

These differences are set not to jeopardize the sales of the book by killifish associations, to be more user friendly for Internauts and to benefit of opportunities offered by the web and its electronic framework, such as color photos, expanded more qualitative information, and in the future, maps.

Further, the website is designed as a non profit venture to build a community of interest among cooperating members, either scientists or aquarists, and, as usual, by redistributing fees, to stimulate killifish research by young and new researchers and (NEW!) by young collector aquarists.

The web site is organized into two separate series of services.

1- Free services (mainly for the majority of aquarists, but not only them).
* Two lists for practical use, only: a list of names of valid species and aquarium populations, as a golden standard of current knowledge and spelling, and a list comparing valid names Killi-Data online with those in the three basic books, Killi-Data 2000, Wildekamp's World of Killies and Seegers's pictorial Aqualog.
* News, as a major item, with a Newsletter "Infoweb", an alert system "Killiflash" and a listing of all new species and generic names described since Killi-Data 1994.
* An important communication center with a question page, answered by a board of advisors gathering most of the renown current researchers on Killifishes, a cooperation page stimulating exchanges between aquarists and scientists, and many other items to discover.
* Various other services, completely new, as detailed links, a list of institutions, a list of pet fish editors, or services derived from the book… and quizzes!

2- Payable services (for enthusiastic aquarists and scientists to build up a community of interest and cooperation), with a modest fee for registration of 15 Euros or US Dollars for 2 full years of surfing the data base.
Note that the benefits will obviously be redistributed to Institutions for funding Killifish research (40%) or (NEW!) to aquarists for their first collecting trip as young members of Killifish Associations (30%), to individual photographers cooperating to the project (20%) and to Unicef (10%). 

Mind you: this is a non profit venture and there are several ways to escape from the fee or to be granted free extra-time, e.g.

  • by contributing to the data base fulfillness (data on collections, on aquarium maintenance, missing photos, etc), or 
  • by cooperating with Institutions, or 
  • by buying or having bought the book Killi-Data 2000 (ask the seller in your association for a confirmation), or
  • by being a researcher, or 
  • by being a petfish company director or a petfish magazine publisher (but, then, you will be offered to sponsor an ad in the website!). 

This is a huge data base, with, for each taxon, ideally a color photo of the male and female, all known data over time in terms of nomenclature, etymology, systematics, type series, type locality, discoverer, distribution, diagnosis, morphology, osteology, genetics, behavior, ecology, detailed aquarium requirements, bibliography and collecting localities (a work always in progress, as you would imagine, that needs your contribution and a work available to all with any incremental addition of knowledge or improvement that will be never lost).
As an example, the data base for one species, Aphyosemion chauchei, is shown in the free part of the website (click on SAMPLE).

Just enough of presentation and promises. Please have a look and join the community !


NEW TAXA, since last newsletter (Number 4: December 2001) : of which 13 taxa described by Wilson Costa! (see NEW, herein)


Family change: following a move in the Catalogue of Fishes, the family Rivulidae is now recognised as valid by Killi-Data, distinct from Aplocheilidae.
Please also note that Costa (2002) has moved back myersi in Simpsonichthys, from Nematolebias, based on new osteological evidence.

Do not hesitate to ask questions for future Newsletters (but understand that this Newsletter is the last you receive without actually registering to the mailing list, a free service of Killi-Data online).

Thank you for your support over the years.

With my kindest regards.


addendum (April 2012) : as a fact of life of internet in general, the revamped version of the website is fully open for the guests section, but only payable for the members' section (without free granting whatsoever)… knowing that still all the moneys are redistributed !

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