Killi-Data, printed or online, is dedicated to all, hobbyists or scientists who have devoted a large part of their life to in-depth research on oviparous Cyprinodonts. Thanks to all !

As a front stimulation to potential contributors to Cyprinodont knowledge, here is a list of major contributors to Killifish research, in 2 tables:

Scientists (amateurs or professionals) :

J.L. Amiet J.P. Arnold H.O. Berkenkamp G.A. Boulenger
H.S. Clausen G.E. Collier W.J.E.M. Costa J. Daget
C.H. Eigenmann V. Etzel W. Foersch H.W. Fowler
A. Günther R.W. Harrington J.J. Hoedeman C.L. Hubbs
D.S. Jordan R.A. Jubb J.G. Lambert K.J. Lazara
K.H. Lüling H. Meinken R.R. Miller G.S. Myers
L.R. Parenti J. Pellegrin N. Peters M. Poll
E. Pürzl A.C. Radda E. Roloff R. Romand
J.J. Scheel L. Seegers F. Steindachner J.E. Thomerson
B.J. Turner A. Valenciennes R. Vaz-Ferreira W. Villwock
B. Watters R.H. Wildekamp    


Only aquarists, who decisively contributed to Killifish research (scientific contributions, crossing, conservation programmes, numerous collecting trips) and who are not living any more, are listed hereafter to honor their memory.

If you are aware of a distinguished aquarist, no longer alive, who corresponds to these achievements, please use the CONTACT form with your argumentation




Jacques ARNOULT ( - ) France Research on Malagasi Killies, collections in Ivory Coast
Al CASTRO (1943 - 2001) California, USA Research and Conservation of Cyprinodon species of the Death Valley
Wolfgang GRELL (1935 - 2001) Deutschland Collections of Killies in Gabon, Cameroun, Centrafrique, Zaïre
Winfried STENGLEIN ( - 2000) Deutschland Crossings in Epiplatys and Rivulus, First Internet on Killifishes, First live Collections of Killies in Zaïre
Dale WEBER ( - 1997) California, USA Numerous collecting trips in Panama, Venezuela, Brasil (died in a car accident during a trip in Brasil)
Fred WRIGHT ( - ) Wales, UK Crossings in Paraphyosemion, Study of Procatopus species, Collecting in Sierra Leone




The roll of honor to major contributors of Killi-Data (book and website) is also edited: all contributors are renown Killifish specialist: LIST