Latest update : March 27. 2019 (all donations have been finalized, no money is left in all accounts) 



Principles: Killi-Data is a non-profit venture.

A modest subscription fee for access to member's section has been kindly asked after the launch of the website in 2001 and up to the end of 2017 (now it is fully free) and all financial contributions have been transferred as grants or as donations to Institutions:

  • to fund oviparous Cyprinodontiformes (Killifish) research by young scientists, in Institutions
  • to fund their first collecting trip by young aquarists from killifish associations, 
  • to gratify photographers who have very much cooperated to the data base (but all agreed to transfer their moneys to grants, see below),


Since the availability of Killi-Data online in 2001 and up to 2017 end (dissolution of K-D-I association), 7 grants funding 6 young researchers and 1 aquarist-biologist for his first collecting trip and 5 donations funding 5 scientific Institutions (Total: 4624 €, i.e. today more than 5335 US Dollars based on exchange rate of October 2018, … see below for details of funded persons and the published outcomes to-date). 

With the dissolution of K-D-I association and the net positive cash accounts of 3320.26 Euro available, members were offered either to be reimbursed of their fees, OR to donate their fees to scientific Institutions with their names, OR to donate their fees anonymously to scientific Institutions. Upon 172 members in total (since inception in 2012 to today) and the total cash account of 3320.26 Euro (about 3550 US$), reimbursement (advised to members by legal terms) was chosen by 69 members for a total amount of 1596.45 Euro, donation to institutions was explicitly required by 40 members for a total amount of 856.41 Euro, the rest of members either sent an acknowledgement of mail receipt (9 members for 127.17 Euro) thus implying donation or did not answer at all (54 members for 740.23 Euro) after 2 repeated personal mails and 3 general calls during 6 weeks and both types are considered as anonymous donors. The names of 40 non-anonymous donors are, in alphabetical order with their geographical residence : Akervinda, Patrik [Angelholm, Sweden], Azevedo, José [Barreiro, Portugal], Bolonov, Sergey [Dyatlovka, Moscow region, Russia], Brandao, Joao [Lisbon, Portugal], Cellerino, Alessandro [Calci, Italia], Chirio, Laurent [Riyad, Saudi Arabia], Cubillo, Pedro [Fuentenovilla, Guadalajara, Spain], Diego Martin, Nelida [Ferrol, Coruna, Spain], Dominguez Castanedo, Omar [Mexico city, Mexico], Echelle, Anthony A. [Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA], Eek, Gustav [Umea, Sweden], Fujimura, Takehiro [Chiba, Japan], Genade, Tyrone [Orange City, Iowa, USA], Gonzalez Simon, Jose Luis [Erandio, Vizcaya, Spain], Grimsby, Lars Kare [Oslo, Norway], Hand, Keith Roger [Perth, Australia], Hanslin, Hans M. [Sandnes, Norway], Hernandez, Joaquin [Guadalajara, Spain], Hieronimus, Harro [Solingen, Germany], Huber, Jean H. [Paris, France], Ichikawa, Yukinobu [Kita-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Japan], Koepp, Christian [Berlin, Germany], Laan, Richard van der [Almere, Nederland], Meeus, Herman [Wommelgem, Belgium], Morcillo, Felipe [Madrid, Espana], Moriya, Keiichi [Tokyo, Japan], Murphy, Paul [Milton, PA, USA], O'Sullivan, John [Tralee, Kerry, Ireland], Pagni, Marco [Lausanne, Switzerland], Persson, Alf [Annelov, Sweden], Rham, Patrick Henri de [Verbier, Switzerland], Rizzo, Renato [Moers, Deutschland], Rohde, Fritz [USA], Schaapman, Mark [Almere, Nederland], Schlueter, Michael [Hamburg, Deutschland], Sowersby, Will [Stockholm, Sweden], Su, Yu-Cheng [San Francisco, California, USA], Taphorn, Donald C. [Belleville, Illinois, USA], Toller, Andrea [Italy], Trumbull, George R. IV [New York, NY, USA]. Hence, a total of 1723.81 Euro is to be distributed to accepting institutions during 2018… see below for details of funded Institutions to-date).


To donate money (only in Euro currency) to Killi-Data, 2 options.

  • send money electronically to the editor directly via PAYPAL, click on button 'send money online', then select country for 'I'm paying someone in' (France), then select currency (Euro), then select option 'Friends and Family', (next step) 'to' [ Email address ] by using the hereafter crypted electronic address (no-reply) in the Paypal website :
  • send cash money as bank notes to the present editor in a registered envelope at the postal address, Jean H. Huber, 7 Bd Flandrin, 75116 Paris, France


All funds are redistributed, no financial benefit is rewarded to the author/editor (see MISSION statement).

Global financial situation of Killi-Data online (2001 - to date) : including a total of nearly 4700 € distributed as donations and grants between 2001 and 2017 (not bad) !

1 Euro (€) equals approximately 1.15 US Dollar (US$) in October 2018.


Last update : 2019-04-03
since 2001
year end
2001-2017-Closing K-D-I
(details below)
0.002001-2017-Other Expenses
(details below)
2001-2017-Other Revenues
(details below)
1087.982001-2017-Other Expenses
(details below)
(mainly webhosting
+copies 35 mm pics for MNHN)
2001-2017-Global Subscriptions
(details below)
(details below)





Financial closed situation of K-D-I association (2001 - 2017) : healthy and positive, upon dissolution !

1 Euro (€) equals approximately 1.15 US Dollar (US$) in October 2018. Financial accounts from 01.01.01 to final update (on dissolution of K-D-I association).

Financial details to date, net account [2001-2017] (€) 3320.26
TOTAL INTERNIC & HOSTING COSTS [2001-2017] (€) 585.90
TOTAL PHOTOS DUPLICATES [2001-2011]  (€) 861.78
TOTAL POSTAGE [2001-2017] (€) 102.41
TOTAL LEGAL AND BOARD PROJECTS [2012-2017] (€) 265.85
TOTAL GENERAL COSTS [2001-2017] (€)
(internic, hosting, photo duplicates, postage, other)
TOTAL SUBSCRIPTIONS [2001-2017] (€) 7148.22
Membership fees (2017)
(172 total members)
Membership fees (2016)
(160 total members)
Membership fees (2015)
(127 total members)
Membership fees (2014)
(109 total members)
Membership fees (2013)
(69 total members)
Membership fees (2012)
(32 total members)
Membership fees (2001-2011)
(308 total members)
TOTAL DONATIONS [2001-2017] (€) 524.60
TOTAL KD SALES [2004-2017] (€) 463.64
TOTAL GENERAL REVENUES [2001-2017] (€) 8236.20
TOTAL REVENUES MINUS CHARGES [2001-2017] (€) 6420.26
TOTAL ALLOCATED GRANTS [2001-2017] (€) 3100.00
GRANT8-Randall Brummett (collecting new Yaoundé Epiplatys) 400.00
GRANT7-Tyrone Genade (Ph.D. research) 500.00
GRANT6-Paul Loiselle (collecting Madagascar) [discontinued, reimbursed by Huber] 200.00
GRANT5-Graciela Garcia (DNA Austrolebias) 300.00
GRANT4-Ondrej Sedlacek (behavioral observations in Cameroun) 600.00
GRANT3-Tom Van Dooren (DNA Austrolebias) 500.00
GRANT2-Graciela Garcia (DNA Austrolebias) 300.00
GRANT1-Simona Santini (DNA Nothos) 300.00
TOTAL NET ACCOUNT [2001-2017] (€) 3320.26


Outcome situation regarding the distributed grants and donations (2001-2017)

legend Following the foundation of Killi-Data International, the non-profit association that nested the assets of Killi-Data, on May 24. 2012, up to year end 2017, the outcome of the grants has been searched to report to the authorities about the money spent by the association (a PDF of the legal reports by the association is available upon request to editor) ; the following report shows the list of grants recipients, their projects and their publication related to the grant.
The guiding principles for the grants are double :

  • Individual researchers or aquarist collectors have been offered a variable amount of money (300 to 600 Euro, each) based on their needs and for aquarists collectors based on a DOSSIER 
  • No obligation to the funded person with a grant except producing a publication on the theme with acknowledgements to Killi-Data (no requirement at all for donations).

In the hereafter table the allocated grants and donations are listed the name of the funded person, the theme of the grant or donation, the amount of money involved, the year of the outcome (or if no report yet, the year of allocation), and the published reference of the report for grants.


DONATION5 - MCNG, Asomuseo, Guanare, the BioCentro, Venezuela
(for management, identification, cataloguing of killifish collections)
524.002018No report needed, more info :
Santos Miguel Niño
DONATION4 - Federal University of Amazonas (Brasil)
(for exploratory collections in S.W. Amazon Basin)
500.002018No report needed, more info :
Marcelo Rodrigues dos Anjos
DONATION3 - ZFMK, Bonn, Deutschland (Germany)
(for young researchers' work on fish with ZFMK)
200.002018No report needed, more info :
Fabian Herder
DONATION2 - Pronatura Noreste, Monterrey. Nuevo Leon, Mexico
(for conservation work on endangered killifish)
300.002018No report needed, more info :
María de Lourdes Lozano Vilano and Mauricio de la Maza-Benignos
DONATION1 - MRAC, Tervuren, Belgium
(for research work on killifish in MRAC collections)
200.002018No report needed, more info :
Emmanuel Vreven
GRANT7 - Randall Brummett
(collecting new Yaoundé Epiplatys)
400.002008No report yet
GRANT6 - Tyrone Genade
(Ph.D. research)
500.002011Genade, T. & D.M. Lang. 2011. Antibody Markers for Studying Neurodegeneration in the Nothobranchius. J. Cytol. Histol., 2 (3): 120, 1-9, 10 figs., 1 tab. [also, in his Ph.D; thesis, A Study of Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection in Nothobranchius guentheri, January 2012]
GRANT5 - Graciela Garcia
(DNA Austrolebias)
300.002012Garcia G., V. Gutierrez, J. Vergara, P. Calvino, A. Duarte & M. Loureiro. 2012. Patterns of Population Differentiation in annual killifishes from the Parana–Uruguay–La Plata Basin: the Role of Vicariance and Dispersal. Journ. Biogeography, 39: 1707-1719, 6 figs., 2 tabs.
GRANT4 - Ondrej Sedlacek
(behavioral observations in Cameroun)
600.002014Sedlacek, O., B. Baciakova & L. Kratochvil. 2014. Evolution of body colouration in killifishes (Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheilidae, Nothobranchiidae, Rivulidae): Is male ornamentation constrained by intersexual genetic correlation? Zool. Anz., 253 (3) (February): 207–215.
GRANT3 - Tom Van Dooren
(DNA study)
500.002014 ?study still in progress (finalization stage, manuscript submitted,
GRANT2 - Graciela Garcia
(DNA Austrolebias)
300.002009Garcia, G., M. Loureiro, N. Berois, M.J. Arezo, G. Casanova, G. Clivio & A. Olivera. 2009. Pattern of Differentiation in the annual killifish genus Austrolebias (Cyprinodontiformes; Rivulidae) from a Biosphere Reserve Site in South America: a multidisciplinary Approach. Biol. Journal Linnean Society, 98: 620-635.
GRANT1 - Simona Santini
(DNA Nothos, with Stefano Valdesalici)
300.002014Valdesalici, S. Nothobranchius bellemansi and Nothobranchius occultus (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) two new annual killifish from Sudan. Killi-Data Series 2014, 4-19, 10 figs., 3 tabs.


Financial situation regarding contributing photographers with color pictures-slides


  • Individual photographers who gave more than 20 slides to the website were initially offered 20% of the benefits, pro-rata to their contribution :
    However, very much in line with the ethics of Killi-Data, all photographers have accepted to permanently transfer their moneys to grants ! 
    Warmest thanks to each of them (listed hereafter). As a result the percentages of redistributions are amended and shared only between young researchers for a research on killies and young aquarists for their first collecting trip
  • To-day the issue is not any more pending because only digital pictures are requested (and freely sent by the photographers)
Olivier Buisson redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Al Castro  † redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Maurice Chauche † redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Henri de Bruyn redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Jean-François Fels redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Vasco Gomes redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Hub Heltzel redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Jan Willem Hoetmer redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Jean Huber redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Jaroslav Kadlec † redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Heinz Ott redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Eduard Pürzl redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Winfried Stenglein † redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Wim Suijker redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Kenjiro Tanaka redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Antony Terceira redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Jean-Pol Vandersmissen redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Frans Vermeulen redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists
Ruud Wildekamp redistributed to young researchers and young collecting aquarists


Financial accounts of Killi-Data online are audited by external independant parties according to the status of the Association.