Thank you for your interest in financially supporting the non-profit project Killi-Data.
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To donate money (only in Euro currency) to Killi-Data, 2 options.

  • send money electronically to the editor directly via PAYPAL, click on button 'send money online', then select country for 'I'm paying someone in' (France), then select currency (Euro), then select the amount of money outside Paypal charges (= amount sent through Paypal, i.e. net amount received by Killi-Data), then select option 'Friends and Family', (next step) 'to' [ Email address ] by using the hereafter crypted electronic address (no-reply) in the Paypal website :
  • send cash money as bank notes to the present editor in a registered enveloppe at the postal address, Jean H. Huber, 7 Bd Flandrin, 75116 Paris, France