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Is this website for standard aquarists ? Yes, definitely. However, Killi-Data contents are designed for serious aquarists whoever they are, beginners, experienced, advanced or experts, notably its "Guests section". Those who are curious to learn, to understand, to do better, to share knowledge and experience. However, please note that the "Members section" requires (free) registration and that its contents are more scientific.
I do not understand English, what can I do ? Well you do not need to learn the language. Before entering the "Guests" section, you will see (the flags !) a link with Google's automatic translator into 6 languages (and many more on the Google bar). This will help you for the whole "Guest" section. The translation is only a working translation, but quite OK for your purpose. Anyway, English stays the official language of Killi-Data online : please refer to English text when quoting Killi-Data.
This Google automatic translation makes strange things (it reverses fish names !). What can you do to improve this and how can I get the Data Base translated ? You are right, Google automatic translation is not perfect. Notably, it changes names from "Aphyosemion abacinum" to "abacinum of Aphyosemion" ! But still it is very useful for aquarists who do not understand English (and there are many). Nothing can be done to improve that Google tool. It is indeed amazingly good, apart from those few strange thingsand actually better than nothing : imagine what life of men could have been before the invention of wheel ! On the other hand, the Data Base cannot be translated, sorry : the programmes which produce the pages on your screen are very different from a standard web editing software and Google does not recognise them.
What shall I do if I really want to receive news about my fishes from the website ? You have to freely enrol to a monitoring freeware to get automatic alerts or follow-up the ALERT-ARCHIVES and then you'll receive alerts in full on your computer or by e-mail depending on the downloaded freeware. Alternatively, you may regularly visit the same web-page, for new names, NEW, and obviously, there is a list of alerts (brand new latest publications) at the top of each page. To get more, i.e. to access directly Killiflash, requires to (freely) fill the REGISTRATION form and become a member (with, in addition, the access to the Data Base).
Can I buy or exchange fish in your website ? Not at all. Killi-Data is a platform of knowledge on your beloved fishes and a cooperative community so that this knowledge is "state of the art". To buy fish, notably rare, requires to become a member of a Killifish Association : in Killi-Data all of them are detailed in ASSOCIATIONS and listed in LINKS within the websites of dedicated groups or enthusiastic hobbyists who may help you in obtaining the specific fish you want.
Can I read breeding information for standard aquarists in this website ? Yes, of course. For each valid species, are given key data such as the ideal aquarium set-up, biotope, preferred niche, behaviour, type of breeding, breeding substrate and position, egg diameter, incubation lag (standard period in weeks for eggs to develop, dry or wet), first food, time to sexual differentiation and to maturity, life span expectation, and specific tips to fully succeed, etc. This information is uniquely found in Killi-Data with such an extensive mode (all valid species are dealt with). However, this is in the Data Base (for registered users) and this requires registration and membership.
Can I have a look at photos, too ? Yes, of course. Killi-Data is the richest website for color pictures of males and also females of most valid Killifish species (actually 98% of the all valid species are covered or over 3000 photos in total in 2016, much more today), all of top quality and taken by world renown photographers. This is unique, because all Killifish are covered, not only Aphyosemion or Simpsonichthys in full, but also rarer genera like Orestias, North American species, Aphanius and Lampeyes. But this is located in the Data Base. There are practically no photo (actually a few dozens) in the "Guests section" of the website.
What then can I get right away if I don't want to become a registered user (member) yet ? The "Guests section" which you can enter, without password, offers a huge amount of information (and in 6 languages !). Some people even get lost with all the available stuff : if you feel dizzy, then have a look at the SITEMAP (web-pages links are in block letters).
If the "Guests section" does not hold breeding information, what is there of interest for me ? Many, many things if you are a serious hobbyist who wants to know more about your fishes in terms of scientific news, collections in the field, and even an ENCYCLOPEDIA. For example, there are 3 listings that are very important and practical to your hobby, even if you are a beginner : a current list of correct species names in comparison to previously used names, a current list of names changes since 1994, and a list of correct names in comparison to those used in the 2 major series books (by Ruud Wildekamp and by Lothar Seegers). And these listings are continuously updated. 
I have been told that membership is costly, can I escape to pay the fee as a "pure" killifish hobbyist ? And if not, how can I get a discount ? Well, Killi-Data is today fully free (still, after registration, only for the access to the database)… the access to the knowledgebase required a small fee in the past, up to the end of 2017, but now it is entirely free (you just need to fill the registration form to K-D-I, Killi-Data International, and visit the the members' section regularly each year). For more information, read the REGISTRATION information or CONTACT the editor. In the past, the money obtained from fees concerned a non profit venture to redistribute it into grants promoting research and collecting trips (today since all is free, direct donations to institutions are encouraged but not compulsory of course !).
How else can I contribute ? Do I have to contribute while I am a good old friend of the editor of this website ? Apart from sending material to researchers (from any country, amateur or professional !), there are many ways to contribute and grasp the spirit of cooperation : send a top quality picture of your preferred fish to be included in the data base, provide with missing data (notably the first breeder, the egg diameter, the maximum life expectancy of many species is unknown), write an original article for your killifish association magazine (not a mere breeding report), undertake a crossing experiment, donate tax-deductible money to an institution, etc. Even the editor's "good old friends" do contribute (or else they have no access to the data base, while they remain friends !) because they do not contribute for the editor's benefits, but to the knowledge enhancement for everybody.
How do I know the contents of the Data Base before registration and membership ? May I get information if I need only aquarium help for one species ? Yes of course : this website is a cooperative venture. To know the basic contents of the Data Base, just click on the link SAMPLE and you'll see the example of one species (Aphyosemion chauchei), knowing that there are many other data in the "Members section" (but they are less suited for aquarists). All Killifish names (species, genera) are dealt with in the same way in the Data Base (more than 1500 in total, in 2016, even more today). Should you wish to read a specific file for a specific help, then just fill the GRATUITY form, stating the species name and your agreement on copyrights rules… and it will be sent to you with courtesy (and pleasure !).

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