The first step to build a community of interests in oviparous Cyprinodontiformes or Killies is to develop cooperation between aquarists and scientists. We shall start with a low profile by listing requests and offers, and letting things evolve slowly. Note that this is absolutely not a fish and egg listing ! If you have an offer or a request, please detail it in CONTACT and soon it will be transferred here and followed up. Similarly, when the offer or request is fulfilled, inform us in the same way so that it is suppressed from the hereafter tables.

Current requests


Examples of requests:

  • fixed specimens of a particular species or population, needed for morphological, osteological, behavioral, or molecular (DNA) study, in 95% to 100% ethyl alcohol;
  • living specimens for a crossing experiment;
  • information on how to get collecting permits for a given country;
  • information on when is the best collecting period for a given region;
  • missing photos (male and /or female) : color 35 mm slides or digital photos at least 200 kilobytes or, better, in raw uncompressed format (1.1 to 1.5 Megabytes, each);
  • name of historical first breeder and year of first breeding;
  • name of historical first discoverer and date of discovery;
  • application to join a collecting team to a given country, for a future collecting trip to share costs and experience, etc.


Current offers

Examples of offers:

  • one or two remaining places for a coming collecting trip;
  • rare species or population, available for study;
  • building of a trans-national group for breeding experiments, etc.
Title of Offer Detail of offer and date
proposed by  collecting trip to : contact the editor to have his e-mail address.