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Although the online and book versions are mainly sourced from the same data base,
they picture it very differently

Online Book
Basically, a set of information on each taxon, on a taxon by taxon basis, selected from a list of all available taxa. Available online, lacking in book:
  • Color photographs of male, female, possibly from several populations (about 3100).
  • Biological details.
  • Ecological niche.
  • Behavioural details.
  • Aquarium requirements.
  • Ideal aquarium set-up.
  • Aquarium life span and maturity/sexation.
  • Morphological details.
  • Osteology.
  • Karyotype specificities.
  • Color pattern details.
  • Embryology (egg diameter and membrane, incubation lag).
  • Conservation status (endangered or not species).
  • Biogeography.
  • Distribution.
  • Components of the concerned superspecies.
  • Systematic status and evaluation.
  • Systematic comments.
  • Phylogenetic positioning.
  • Future research needed.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Etymology of names.
  • Location of types and their numbers.
  • Discoverer (first) and if old, modern re-discoverer.
  • Detailed type locality.
  • Vicariant replacement.
  • Sympatric Cyprinodontiformes.
  • History of aquarium introduction and breeding.
  • First breeder.
  • Maps per superspecies.
Basically, various lists of taxa from different viewpoints, plus conceptual overviews on critical issues. Available in book (2007 edition), lacking online:
  • Elementary aspects of taxonomy at the species and genus levels.
  • Suprageneric systematics.
  • Short diagnoses of genera and subgenera.
  • List of valid taxa with aquarium populations.
  • Full list of all taxa with current status.
  • Pyramidal list of all taxa
    (since 2009, available online, in a different format).
  • List of all taxa described by each describer
    (since 2009, available online, in a different format).
  • List of all valid species by country of distribution
    (since 2009, available online, in a different format).
  • Collecting localities by country.
  • List of crossing experiments.
  • Overall statistics on killies (about history, ecology, size, aquarium requirements, seasonality, country of origin, populations, morphometrics and systematics).
  • Full list of bibliographic references, with full title of publications.
  • Index of bibliographic reference per taxon.



The information in the book is 99.9% accurate.
However, it is updated only every 2 to 10 years, pending on significant systematic changes.

The information online is in progress since it is much more expanded than in the book: it will need some time before reaching the level of accuracy of the book (please contribute by noting errors and by forwarding missing data and photos). In 2007, it can be defined at 96% complete.



Please, note also that a booklet entitled "Pocket Killi-Data" is privately published by the editor:

  • yearly available (since 2004) in 6 languages
  • with about 32 or 36 pages or more
  • with a list of currently valid names, aquarium populations and countries of distribution, plus synonyms and invalid names
  • only distributed as a print (or a PDF) through Killifish Associations.

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