From Jean H. Huber
Private address: 7 Bd Flandrin, 75116 Paris, France
Laboratoire d'Ichtyologie, M.N.H.N., 43 rue Cuvier, 75231 PARIS Cedex 05.
e-mail: (today inactive)
S.F.I. : Societe Francaise d'Ichtyologie (same address).

Paris, March 26, 1996.

Dear Colleague, dear Aquarist!

We are very pleased to announce the publication of Killi-Data 1996, which takes place and improves greatly Killi-Data 1994.


Publisher : Société française d'Ichtyologie, same address as the author.

Date of Publication: February 29. 1996.

Public Price: 196 French Francs (by Credit Card).

Author: Jean H. Huber, Laboratoire d'Ichtyologie, Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, 43 rue Cuvier, 75231 PARIS cedex 05, France, fax: (33) 1 40 79 37 71; e-mail:

KILLI-DATA 1996, or the "Bible" as some readers nickname it, encompasses everything of what has been published on oviparous Cyprinodonts since Linnaeus in an unquestionable manner; it is published in 3 languages: French, English, German and holds 400 pages, plus 20 pages of maps of distribution. It is updated until December 31. 1995.

The book complements the standard yearly Zoological Record; it brings even more information:

- species-level available names in various listings (in alphabetical order, in pyramidal building, according to describers names, according to their validity, according to their country of distribution), with their correct labelling; the alternative status of validity and the alternative names by various authors are also given, coded by #.

- species-level valid names are detailed with the aquarium populations, the distribution by country, the maximum size and the type of breeding.

- genus-level available and valid names, with alternatives to their status.

- all recorded collecting localities in tropical areas are listed precisely with their geographical coordinates in addition and are plotted on maps (key success factors for collecting are described).

- the results of the crossing experiments are reported.

- the major morphomeristic characters of each valid species are tabled, with mean values for genera, subgenera and superspecies groups if unnamed.

- a short diagnosis of each valid genus is also given comprising data of distribution, sympatric groups, ecology, behaviour, morphology, osteology and specificities, with drawings of the type species of subgenera.

- various chapters describing the State of the Art of the taxonomy and systematics at the genus and species level, of the suprageneric systematics, a proposed code of ethics for aquarists, plus a glossary and the addresses of the Killi Clubs in each country.

- an alphabetic bibliography from 1766 to 1995, with the content of each article given in a coded form for each species covered in depth.

- a list of all taxa with all attached publications for each of them.

- overall statistics on Killies, derived from all the listings.

Here are some statistical highlights of Killi-Data 1996 (with the same data from Killi-Data 1994, as a comparison):

- Number of taxa (species and subspecies): 1047 (1023)

- Number of valid species and subspecies: 676 (670)

- Number of taxa (genus and subgenus): 119

- Number of valid genera: 54 (51)

- Number of available aquarium populations: 1771 (1421)

- Number of articles in bibliography: 3672 (3002)

- Number of codes for indexed bibliography: 10017 (4412)

- Number of locality x species in tropical countries: 3478 (2182)

No additional printing plans with Killi-Data 1996: we will issue only the necessary further copies by photocopying, then switching to a new edition with new updating; the objective is to publish an updated version regularly, however, the next substantially different edition is not scheduled before March 1998.

The project has been partly sponsored by a non-profit organization (Dr D. Terver, on behalf of the University of Nancy and of the Tropical Aquarium) and therefore, profits will not be given to the author, but directly to S.F.I. (for MNHN), UNICEF and Institutions and indirectly to Killi Clubs to which it is being sold at cost.

The author himself is a specialist of oviparous Cyprinodontiformes fishes : as of 1996, he described 49 taxa at the species level and 6 taxa at the genus level, since his thesis published in 1978.